Gender Female
Appearance Period 2: The Bonds Of A Curse
Fate Alive

Ai is the protagonist of the 2nd Chapter of the 1st Manga. She is very attached to the class pet she found prior to the story.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ai is a youthful looking girl with big eyes and short-medium hair worn in pigtails held by her ears with thick bangs. She attends an Academy and is only shown wearing her school uniform.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A bright and friendly girl, Ai admires Sakahara-senpai at first because of how kind and thoughtful he is. She is innocent-minded and doesn't find Kurosawa scary at all, nor does she try to avoid her like her friends and classmates. She gets impatient with Kotaro's antics but she adores him to no end.

History[edit | edit source]

A few months prior to the story Ai came across Kotaro hiding in a bush from the rain. She quickly took to him and their Teacher made him their class pet. Since then she had been taking care of him and working very hard on making a dog house for him. 

One day, after Kotaro pees on her, Ai is upset after an older classmate teases her. But Sakahara, her handsome senpai comes to her aid and defends her. She later interacted with Kurosawa, a creepy girl everyone avoided and tried to strike up a friendship with her. In this time, she noticed how Kotaro seemed to really like her- but he couldn't stand Sakahara and couldn't understand why.

Ai was horrified to discover the destroyed remnants of the dog house she had just recently finished, as well as the bloodied and battered corpse of Kotaro. Nobody understood what happened, and she was left to mourn for him in private. But after overhearing Sakahara approach she quickly hid, and to her shock she discovered he was the cause of it and his lack of remorse causes her to approach Kurosawa and ask to use one of her voodoo dolls.

The following day as Ai and Kurosawa worked on a grave for Kotaro, she listened as her friends approached to inform them of Sakahara's recent death. His clothing had been snagged on the truck and he was dragged for miles, and by the time it stopped his body had been horribly mangled. Ai says nothing other than to exchange a glance with Kurosawa, and knowing that Kotaro has been avenged, she happily leaves with her friends.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ai is the first main protagonist whose surname isn't revealed.
    • She is also the first protagonist not to suffer any horrible fate.
    • As well as the first Protagonist who makes a new friend who doesn't harm her.

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