Gender Male
Appearance Period 43: Marionette's Lover
Fate Alive
Aki is a character in Period 43, a very popular basketball player and the object of both Lala Nishino and Junko's affection.

Bio Edit


A handsome teenager, Aki has slanted eyes and spiked hair that sticks up in various locations.


Aki appears to be aloof and somewhat indifferent. He isn't cruel or mean, but he isn't very emotive either. At times he is shown to be very sweet and affectionate though, and while he seemed to regret cheating on Lala, he came to realize how self-serving she was sometime after they hooked up. As he's known Junko for some time, he cherishes their bond and goes to her whenever he needs to personally let off steam.

History Edit

Prior to the story he has been dating Lala for six months, but lately he has began to grow busier with club-related activity and acts distant. He is very talented and handsome, so he has many friends and admirers from both this school and other schools; which makes him and Lala the envy of everybody else.

During their time together at the cafe, Lala uses the brief moment he uses to go to the restroom to check his phone, and there she finds an alarming text from Junko. She hid his phone again and pretended that everything was fine, and the following day while he celebrated her birthday at school, she noticed his awkward behavior around Junko, further cementing her suspicions and causing her to use the marionette she received in an attempt to control him.

Initially it seems to work when he ignores Junko later, and he begins to affectionately dote on her in class, but when he resists her newest command, she observes him until Junko sought her out, asking to speak in privacy. After confronting her with what she found out, Lala began to dismiss Junko's admission until Aki showed up to take her side. He apologizes while explaining that for a while now he had wanted to speak up about their romance behind her back, but he realized how happy Junko makes him and wants to be with her. He then tells off Lala for only caring about herself and he refuses to be her puppet anymore.

Aki took off with Junko, unaware of Lala's desperation to hurt him -only to hurt herself instead- and he curiously tries to listen as Junko talks to herself. She is very happy they can be together now and he agrees, but noticing her behavior, it dons on him that she might have ulterior motives as she clings to him and begins to act weird.




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