Gender Male
Appearance Period 49: Beautiful Mother and Daughter
Fate Alive

Akina is a character from Period 49. He was dating Kaede Mimura.

Bio Edit


Akina is a handsome teenage boy who is taller than Kaede. He has a gentle face.


Akina is very friendly and an earnest boyfriend who adores Kaede and appears to be humble, in that unlike her, his popularity doesn't make him arrogant or mean-spirited. He was concerned for Kaede noticing her odd behavior, and he tried to cheer her up. He truly wishes to treat Kaede right, but as her mother began to reach out to him, he became flustered with her attention. 

History Edit

Akina appears to greet Kaede at the beginning of the story, where he apologized for spending so much time talking to her the prior night. He reveals they have been dating for half of the year, when he mentions that he would like to see Kaede's home and eventually meet her mother, as a boyfriend properly should. He believes she must be beautiful, because of how pretty Kaede is. After Kaede began to realize her face looked old and tired, she hid it from him as he approached her to bring up meeting her "older sister", who later requested that he go shopping with her. He found it hard to refuse and Kaede angrily confronted her mother for speaking to her boyfriend. It's unknown if he discovered what happened to Kaede.




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