Amano Hijiri
Gender Male
Appearance Period 37: The Witch of the Library Room
Fate Alive
Amano Hijiri is a character from the Period 37.

Riri Itou and her friends Mako and Misao have a fanclub in his honor and have feelings for him. He is very popular for not only his good looks, but his kindness.

Bio Edit


Hijiri is a handsome teen with slanted, gentle eyes and short hair with his layered bangs and forelocks spread out.


By others, Hijiri is described as a spirited and pure angel who loves to help others and is very friendly. He enjoys sharing and has no ulterior motive for the things he does. He loves his pet dog and despite his friends behavior, he gets along very well with Riri and her friends.

History Edit

He is first mentioned by Riri when she joins her friends to inform them that he just broke up with his girlfriend. The trio excitedly chatter until class begins when Hijiri and his friends show up, and seeing the misanga ribbon he has on, Riri decides that as the Hijiri Alliance, they should make some too.

While in the library Riri begins to fantasize about Hijiri when she hears about a special book filled with charms and spells. She convinces herself to just be happy with how things are- but finds herself being tested when he approaches her a few days later to bring up that he has joined the Beautification committee and asks that she helps him. She eagerly agrees and they become fast friends.

It was then a bunch of weird things begin to happen to Riri whenever she gets near him. She calls out to him that morning and runs after him when something grabs her and pulls her down, and later the ceiling light falls -nearly hitting her- in class, followed by a window randomly shattering and cutting her after he offers to help take her to the nurses office.

As Riri attempts to figure out what happened and locate the Witch's Book, Hijiri is shown helping a child who hurt himself. His friends compliment his kindness before asking about the misanga he's been wearing. He explains that his sister wanted one, so he picked up a book and made one for her, then made one for himself. The book he used said it would protect the wearer from evil and danger; unaware of what happened in school as they ask him if he works. He claims not to know.




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