Ami Kimidzuka
Gender Female
Appearance Period 51: The Cleaning Man
Fate N/A (Most likely deceased)
Ami Kimidzuka is the Protagonist of Period 51. She's a messy young girl who hates doing work and keeping things clean.

Bio Edit


Ami is a young girl with big, rounded eyes and neck-length hair that covers her ears. She has long bangs parted at the center and evenly spread out.

Ami's dressing style is that of a tomboy.


Ami is extremely messy and care-less about her property; not only does she litter with no remorse in and out of her room, but she can't be bothered to remember taking care of the pet bird she really wanted. As much as she loved Piiko, she saw him as a hindrance and began to regret wanting him so badly. She's also lazy and doesn't seem to care much about the efforts put into things by others, such as how her mom continues to keep their home clean and make snacks for her, or how her friend bought her a souvenir, which she discarded without care.

History Edit

Ami is yelled at by her mother for forgetting to take care of her pet bird and clean her room. After being forced to promise that she will tend to these tasks later, she heads out to the community park to hang out with her friends, where she spends time complaining until she runs out of snack. She drops it to the ground and convinces her friends to do the same, but upon doing so they are confronted by a pair of elderly women, who recognize Ami and try to tell her to avoid becoming a troublesome nuisance who litters. They begin to sing the praises of a mysterious figure known as the Cleaning Man and explain who he is before the girls head for home. 

As Ami complains about having to do her work now, she happens to spot a strange man out of the corner of her eye at the park. She watches him but because its dark out, she can't recognize him.

The following day, Ami sees that not only has the park been cleaned up, but the school courtyard she and her friends were supposed to sweep, as well as the restrooms in school. Each time Ami believes its the work of the Cleaning Man, but for some reason she's the only person who can see him. She doesn't understand it but she decides not to question it either- instead, she decides to take advantage of it by continuously dumping everything she doesn't want behind the school knowing he will clean it. Besides a bad test, she also tosses junk food wrappers, a key-chain her friend gave her, the trash in her room, and even Piiko's corpse after realizing she forgot to feed him again.

The next day, Ami is startled when she arrives to school to find everything she disposed of now covering her desk at school. Everyone is repelled -either by the stench or because of how disgusted they are seeing what she threw away- and Ami angrily runs out of class, straight to the area where she kept throwing everything to find the Cleaning Man. She demands to know why he didn't dispose of all the trash like he's supposed to, but when she grabs his shoulder thinking he isn't listening, she is frightened when flies begin swarming her hand. Eventually the flies entirely cover her and the man throws her into his bag. He is later shown walking by her mother with her hand partially peeking out of the bag as he takes it to a large facility; a garbage disposal plant.




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