Gender Male
Appearance Period 14: From The Land Of Mirrors
Fate Unknown - Most likely Alive
Araya is a character of the 14th Chapter of the series and in the second chapter of the 4th manga. A young man who dedicates his time to studying and doing research related to the Land of Mirrors.

Bio Edit


Araya has short, spiked black hair and dark colored, cold looking eyes. His face is described as handsome, and he is only depicted in his school uniform.


Kumi regards Araya as being weird due to his obsession with the land of mirrors. Despite what he witnessed he was never believed, and as such he has a tendency to keep to himself and remain quiet unless it involves the mirror.

History Edit

After being startled by Kumi, Miyuki accidentally bumps into Araya as he was passing by. He tells the girls that the mirror isn't a toy and should be tread around lightly before heading off. Kumi explains who he is to Miyuki following this, remarking that while he looks good he is too strange to really be given much thought towards. All he ever does is study and do research on the land of mirrors.

Later, after believing something is wrong with her friends, the stressed out Miyuki observes the crack in the mirror she accidentally made when Araya mentions warning them. She asks if he knows anything about the land of mirrors and he recalls what caused his interest in it. A year ago he watched a reflection of his classmate walk away and fall down the stairs behind them, and while this was going on the guy ended up doing the same. After Miyuki confides in him, she claims that she believes in him. Later, after she runs away in fright from her suddenly changed classmates she is taken to safety by Araya, who mentions how worried she had been earlier and had an idea something was off. He brings her to another room and gives her a bat for protection, saying that in this case they will need to bust the mirror.

After being told the whole thing was nothing more than a big prank, Araya releases his friend and is taken to the others, expressing disbelief. But while Miyuki can only express relief she begins to see cracks appearing all over everyone, and one by one they begin to shatter. Araya watches as small chips of glass begin to break apart from him, and soon everyone entirely busts into thousands of glass shards.



  • After it is revealed that Miyuki and her friends are on the opposite side of the mirror, Araya isn't shown to appear again. However it can be assumed his other self is still alive.


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