Gender Female
Appearance Period 46

Period 47

Fate Alive
Asami is the protagonist of Period 46 and Period 47. She was dating the extremely popular Hiroto and her friends were Miki and Shio.

Bio Edit


Asami is a young teenager with shoulder length hair that frames her face and her bangs partially brushed to the left. Her ears are often covered. She has rounded eyes with many lashes.


Asami is regarded as a very sweet and friendly young girl who is very cute. Her popularity hasn't given her an ego and she is easily flustered, especially when complimented or shown positive attention. She was one of the few people who didn't harass or make fun of Nanaya, deeply supporting her dream of becoming a future Mangaka and showing a great deal of concern towards her. While she admits to sometimes having negative opinions, she couldn't bring herself to say anything, as she didn't want to hurt others. 

Because of this she's unable to properly defend or speak up for herself, and as such as often relied on being helped by others. When uncomfortable she becomes even more withdrawn or likely to change the subject. 

Later in the story, she is shown becoming more bold and capable of sticking up for herself.

History Edit

One day at school some girls of her class obtain the Hell's Divination paper and they suggest trying it when she gets called out into another room by Hiroto. She anxiously confides in him about what is going on and how she feels about their relationship, and they exchange words before he kisses her and leaves. After snapping out her daze Asami returns to class just as the girls decide to ask the board who has the worst personality in their class- and to everyone's shock it's Asami.

Soon words of Yomi-sama's reading begin spreading like the plague and everyone begins turning on Asami; her friends tell her off, Hiroto dumps her, she was bullied by older girls, and everyone avoids her. Except for Nanaya, who comes to her defense and bluntly gives her advice. Asami was very surprised that she would help her and she is touched by her kindness after Nanaya explains that it was payback for the first day of school when she helped her. She helped her after she dropped some drawings. This causes Asami to feel remorse, because while she genuinely likes Nanaya she would belittle her when she was with the other girls, and she wonders if this is why Yomi-sama gave her a bad reading. After Nanaya manages to perk her up, Asami sees her as the one person still on her side and asks to read her manga.

The following day Asami braces herself, preparing for everyone's reactions when they see she's befriended Nanaya when she stops outside of the room, hearing her prior friends speaking. She is horrified to discover they set her up, purposely moving the coin to make the divination read her name; they find her really annoying and hate how she often speaks about Hiroto. Asami is joined by Nanaya as she tries holding back her anguished tears, but after they go on to see who would become famous in the future, the girls are surprised when it spells out Nanaya. Her ex-friends quickly attempt to suck up to her to get into her good graces, and Asami collapses in grief when Nanaya abandons her.

Alone in the hallway, Asami helplessly wonders what she did to make everyone abandon her like this and she observes her school knife slide out of her pencil case. Experiencing a mental breakdown, she picks it up and draws the blade before she begins walking to the classroom, preparing to use it. But realizing what she was about to do, she runs outside and throws it aside before having her second breakdown.

The following day Asami takes shelter within her bedroom, refusing to leave. Her mother stops by to check on her but Asami remains in bed, until her cellphone begins to ring. She eagerly hopes that maybe her friends reconsidered and want to apologize for being so mean, but reality sets in when they send her a cruel text and picture. She throws her phone down and asks why they're still harassing her even though she didn't show up today, and she can't understand what she did. She mourns over the pain and starts to think about how nice things used to be, recalling a middle school experience. It dons on her that not once has she ever been able to properly speak her mind, she always kept her feelings and opinions to herself and waited for others to defend her. Something must change.

Asami shocks everyone when she suddenly shows up at school near the end of the day. Ignoring their sharp gazes and hostility she calls them out for being a bunch of lying jerks she dearly trusted and thought cared about her. She grabs the divination paper and despite their warnings to be careful, she tears it apart, uncaring of what happens when she hates who she has become. Suddenly, she becomes light-headed and she falls to the floor, locking gazes with Nanaya. This would be the last place she would want to die, but with this action she's finally become a strong person she can admire. Before she loses consciousness she notices Yomi observing her from afar.

Time passes and Asami awakens in the nurses office. She is shocked that she isn't dead as the woman there checks on her to reveal she fell ill due to anemia. Asami remains silent before she notices a paper that was left or her by Nanaya, where she discovers the divination paper completely restored, and she realizes what happened. After being informed that Nanaya is transferring schools and today was her final day, Asami runs outside to ask Nanaya her theory. Nanaya confirms she was right, but she didn't do it for Asami's sake, she just happened to get to the paper before she could and she swapped it.

Asami is saddened to be losing her one true friend, but she happily confirms that she will be okay on her own now. She thanks Nanaya for everything she has done and they exchange farewells.

A short while later Asami buries the divination paper on the school property, and once she's sure it's been well hidden she takes out a manga to see Nanaya's story has been published. She happily sees that Nanaya has left a special dedication to her, and it's shown that with her hope restored she has decided to return to school. She alarms Hiroto and her ex-friends, who thought she was dead, and she is observed by Yomi once more. From now on Asami has decided to always look forward, and to remember she isn't alone.




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