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Gender Female
Appearance Period 46

Period 47

Fate Alive

Asami is the protagonist of Period 46 and Period 47. She was good friends with Miki and Shio and dating Hiroto prior to Yomi-sama's divination.



Asami is a young teenager with shoulder length hair framing her face. Her bangs are mostly on the left and her ears are covered. She has big, gentle eyes with many lashes.


Asami is regarded as a very sweet and friendly young girl who is very cute. Her popularity hasn't given her an ego and she is easily flustered, especially when complimented or shown positive attention. She was one of the few people who didn't harass or make fun of Nanaya, deeply supporting her dream of becoming a future Mangaka and showing a great deal of concern towards her. While she admits to sometimes having negative opinions, she couldn't bring herself to say anything, as she didn't want to hurt others. 

Because of this she's unable to properly defend or speak up for herself, and as such as often relied on being helped by others. When uncomfortable she becomes even more withdrawn or likely to change the subject. 

Later in the story, she is shown becoming more bold and capable of sticking up for herself.


Asami's day starts very well, with loving friends and a new boyfriend who kisses her for the first time. But when she returns to class to find some girls trying out the Hell's Divination and it says Asami has the worst personality, everyone begins to turn on her. Her friends ignore her, and Hiroto dumps her, she even gets assaulted by a group of girls until Nanaya comes to her rescue. But she explains how she is only returning her kindness from back when they met, and Asami realizes how nice Nanaya actually is. She asks to read her manga someday and returns to class on a high note.

Until she discovers it was her friends who set her up. Yomi-sama didn't really insult Asami, they did it to get back at her for being dating Hiroto and her popularity. They then go on to use the Divination again, which predicts that Nanaya will be famous in the future; which they didn't purposely do this time. They quickly decide to start getting on her good side and suck-up to her, and she seems to take the bait by joining them despite the anguish it causes Asami. She picks up a stationery blade from her pencil case as despair overcomes her, and she prepares to step back in until seeing how happy Nanaya looks.

She goes outside to cry, and the following day refuses to return to school. Her mom worries over her as her friends continue harassing her through the phone, leading her to feel worse considering she didn't do anything wrong. But as she thinks about it more she realizes that she has been able to properly speak her mind. She always kept her feelings and opinions to herself and waited for others to defend her. She even recalls a time when her so-called friends bossed around and she let them.

Asami surprises everyone when she returns to school. She ignores their hostilities and calls them out for their backstabbing and fickleness, then she rips up the divination. She hates who she has become, so she doesn't care what happens to her. She falls to the floor unconscious, alarming them as it's been said anyone who brings harm to the paper will die. But to her shock, she awakens in the nurses office as she comes along to check on her and explain that Asami fell ill from anemia. Seeing the paper nearby, Asami looks to see the real divination. She realizes it's from Nanaya, and learning that today was her final day of school there, Asami quickly runs outside to speak to her before she leaves. Nanaya confirms she was right, saying that it was her plan this entire time, but Asami got to it before she could.

Asami is saddened to be losing her one true friend, but she happily confirms that she will be okay on her own now. She thanks Nanaya for everything she has done and they exchange farewells. A while later Asami is shown burying the divination and she looks through a manga to see Nanaya's story has been published. She feels comfort as she reads the dedication note for her and she returns to class, surprising those who thought she had died. From now on Asami has decided to always look forward, and to remember she isn't alone.