Asato Komatsu
Gender Female
Appearance Period 50: Friend of the Science Room
Fate Deceased- Decapitated
Asato Komatsu is the Protagonist of Period 50. She is a lonely girl who had been seperated from her friends by a group of girls who had recently began to torment her. 

Bio Edit


Asato is a young girl with short hair normally worn in pigtails by her ear. She had thick forelocks about nose-length, with layered bangs brushed partially aside. She has big rounded eyes.


In the past Asato was an always-agreeable girl who would do whatever she could to avoid rocking the boat within her new friend group. More than anything she wanted to be liked. But when she refused to go into the science room after one girl selected her, they began to torment her.

Asato was angered and felt hurt by their betrayel, but in this time she realized that they were never truly friends in the first place. They were essentially using her because she would offer herself to them to be liked, and she began relating to Chiba, a girl who was their current bully victim who they intended on letting go so that Asato could take their place. 

Thinking the skeleton in the prep room was her ally, Asato convinced herself that it would be okay to use it to help her get revenge on girls who were mean to her.

History Edit

After refusing to go into the Science Prep room at her "friends" urging, Asato suddenly finds herself being bullied by the girls. She can't understand what brought this on suddenly, and she gets upset after they lock her in the room and leave after teasing her about the scary "walking skeleton" rumor. Asato insists she isn't scared, but out of the corner of her eye she finds a wrapped up figure nearby and observes it, anxiously taking note of well-kept the skeleton is when she becomes inspired to use it in a prank to get back at the others. She unwraps the fabric and bindings, but her awkward introduction is cut short after the Teacher suddenly arrives.

After school, Asato is disappointed as the girls discuss going out for karaoke and more than anything wishes the rumors were true after one of her ex-friends goes back to the science room to retrieve her missing hair pin. She is startled the next day upon finding out Yuu has gone missing, and the first chance she gets, she heads back to investigate. She locates the hair pin near the skeleton and begins conversing with it, wondering if it was trying to help her as thanks for uncovering it. 

Hana rushes into the room demanding Asato confess what she knows, but when she denies knowing anything, Hana begins to cruelly insult her. She calls her a coward who always sucked-up to them, so they thought she was annoying and spent a lot of time badmouthing her. Hurt by further backstabbing, Asato throws the hair pin at her and rushes out of the room, shutting the door and holding it so that she can't get out. She refuses to release it even as Hana threatens to tell the Teacher, followed by letting out a bloodcurdling scream when Asato wishes she would vanish too. 

Out of fright she runs away, and the following day the class is informed that Hana has gone missing as well. By now she has become guilt-free of the whole thing and feels no remorse over those ex-friends going missing. She believes that because they caused her pain it was befitting for the skeleton to help her dispose of them, and she intends on using it for more enemies should she have to.

During break, Asato is surprised when Chiba spends time with her and realizing they were in the same boat allows them to bond. So after school, when Chiba is asked to take some papers to the Science Prep room Asato worriedly heads over to make sure everything will be okay. 

There she speaks to the skeleton before expressing curiosity, wondering where the people the skeleton has been taking disappear to. She is horrified after uncovering it to see that it has a stitched up body now covering it, and upon further inspection she finds pieces of Yuu and Hana not used within some nearby jars. As it dons on Asato that the skeleton has been harvesting body parts to find itself a friend by becoming a human, the door shuts behind her. She tries crying out for help but the skeleton appears behind her. It then decapitated her and undressed her, hiding her corpse beneath the sheet.

In the hallway, Chiba is reunited with "Asato".




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