Atsuko Oota
Gender Female
Appearance Period 29: The Requirements Of A Belle
Fate Alive
Atsuko Oota is a character in the 29th Period of the series/first chapter of the 8th manga.

She is a classmate of Yuri Shirakura and Shun Kurosawa, and was regarded as weird because she was heavy-set and liked fashion. Around winter break she took some time away and returns when school resumes.

Bio Edit


Originally Atsuko was shown to be a plain and heavy-set girl. After her procedure, she became very thin, with her short hair now perfectly framing her face with a clip holding her bangs, which are brushed aside. She has big, downward slanted eyes.


Atsuko is a nice and friendly girl who appears to be very humble and reserved due to her unfamiliarity with praise by others. She doesn't appear to hold a grudge for being picked on in the past, nor is she envious of Yuri any more and can be found trying to befriend her throughout the story. She is a little shy and notes that she and Yuri are a lot alike, although the way she speaks at times causes Yuri to question the sincerity behind them. 

She likes fashion.

History Edit

Atsuko stuns everyone after she reappears after winter break with a completely new appearance. She shyly responds to everyone's compliments and questions, and she even gains a compliment from Shun, a boy Yuri has feelings for.

After Yuri returns to school, having taken a long break to lose more weight she finds out Atsuko only weighs 39kg before she happily approaches Yuri. She mentions how happy she is to see her again and that she isn't sick any longer, but after she starts to tell Yuri how she had been wondering how to be thin like her, she incidentally offends her. She later increases Yuri's growing anxiety after passing out during P.E. and being assisted to the infirmary by Shun.

After her freak-out, Yuri wakes up in the same room to find Atsuko happily staring at her from her own bed. Initially Yuri is angered with her but she goes on to bring up how alike they are before deciding to tell her what her secret is to losing so much weight. She takes off her shirt to reveal a large stitched up cut at the middle of her torso and points out that she found a specialist who removes ones insides- the one thing she could get rid of it. She gives Yuri a card from the surgeon who did the procedure and recommends it if she really wants to lose more.

Once Yuri returns from the procedure, Atsuko happily observes her while she makes conversation with her friends.




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