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Chrismh Chrismh 1 August 2018

Common Wiki Courtesy/Rules

Um... hello! Not sure anybody will see this since the wiki has never been all that active. I'm hoping with all of my hard work this will change- but for now, I thought maybe I'd make this topic for brand new members who come along.

Uh, basically, please follow these common and basic rules I am setting to ensure you have a good time and everyone who does contribute or come by feels comfortable.

  1. Please use best grammar when talking to others or making edits.
  2. This is an english-speaking wiki, so please don't make articles in alternate languages.
  3. Please do not tamper with official pages by putting fake info in.
  4. Plagarism will not be tolerated, nor will bullying, spamming, or flaming.
  5. If you have Questions or are unsure of something, please ask me be…
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