Gender Female
Appearance Period 50: Friend of the Science Room
Fate Alive
Chiba is a character in Period 50. Much like Asato Komatsu, she was a friend of Hana and Yuu Maruyama until they lost interest and began to pick on her. With Asato rebelling against them, they decided to release her from their bullying.

Bio Edit


Chiba is a young girl with a fairly average appearance. She has big rounded eyes and chest-length dark colored hair tucked behind her ears.


Chiba is described as Asato as a "simple girl", who usually kept to herself and was fairly withdrawn. She was quiet, but a sweet girl who seemed to genuinely like Asato despite being part of a group that was mean to her.

History Edit

After the group of girls turn on Asato they inform Chiba that she will be let go as their current target. The following day she notices how uneasy Asato has become after being told that Yuu has gone missing, followed by Hana the next day. She approaches her during break, much to Asato's surprise and reveals that she tried to wash her dirty uniform, which she discovered in the trash the other day. They begin to bond after Chiba confesses that she can relate to Asato, as she was seperated from her friends by them as well. Once class ends, Asato worriedly rushed to the Science Prep room after the Teacher assigns her to drop off some papers. "She" later finds Chiba as she goes over what else she still needs to do before she leaves, and "Asato" offers to lend her a hand, since they're friends and all. Unknown to Chiba, "Asato" has stitches around her neck.




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