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Gender Female
Appearance Period 17: Black Forum
Fate Alive

Eiko is a classmate and one of Misa Tamura's friends. She appears in the 17th period of the series and in the first chapter of the 5th manga. Her complaints are often a source of frustration for Misa.



In comparison to her smaller, feminine friends Eiko is tall and has a boyish appearance. Her hair is cut very short and she wears a heart-shaped clip by her left ear, and she has rounded eyes.


Eiko is sarcastic and often complains according to Misa. She has a cynical outlook and is likely to tease people with suspicions, such as saying Misa probably complains about her on the school forum. She also teases another friend, which makes her worry that she's aware of her doing the same; which could imply that Eiko is more observant than she looks. 

However, she's a good friend and usually seems to be in a good mood. She was concerned noticing how upset Misa was.


Eiko and the others were on their way home when Misa suggested they stop for some photo stickers at the subway. While this is Misa's favorite spot, Eiko called it old-fashioned and recommending that they check out the new location set up at the station. Noriko and Ryo agree and everyone was unaware of Misa's frustrations. When Eiko returns to school the next day she is led to believe the poster on the forum is Eiko and refuses to say anything to her when she brings up her odd behavior.

At the end of the story Eiko, Noriko, and Ryo hang out at an eatery while wondering if Misa was really capable of badmouthing her on the forum. Eiko claims she wouldn't be surprised, saying that you can't really read people entirely, and her words make one of their friends start worrying.