Erika Katori
Gender Female
Appearance Period 23 and Period 24
Fate Alive

Erika Katori is Kana Araki's best friend. She appears in the 23rd and 24th Period of Zekkyou Gakkyuu.

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Appearance[edit | edit source]

Erika has slightly wavy medium-length hair framed around her shoulders with long bangs evenly blended with her forelocks. She's usually depicted in her uniform with a scrunchie for putting her hair up.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Of the duo Erika appears to be the calm-tempered and wiser one. She likes to tease Kana and she's easy-going, but she gets flustered when it comes to be honest about her feelings, not as open with her feelings as Kana is.

While she usually appears to have things together, she is implied to frighten easy and she fears being excluded, so she doesn't want to be bullied.

History[edit | edit source]

Erika uneasily listens as Kana tells her about the legend of a ghost residing in the abandoned block at their school. She doesn't believe such a silly story, but when Kana teases her, she feverishly denies being scared. Later, Erika decides to skip swim class to play volleyball and she finds Kana also doing the same, so they go to play volleyball instead. But after Kana happens to see a duo she recognizes, she discourages communication between them. She knows Tsukamoto from cram school and she isn't a good person. After school, Erika informs Kana that she can't leave yet because she has day monitor duties, leaving Kana to head home on her own.

The following day, Erika stands aside as Kana gets picked on by Tsukamoto and her other girl classmates; they mess with her things and insult her to the point of tears, and she doesn't meet up with Kana like usual. When Kana went to use the restroom, Erika destroyed the stuffed charm they both owned, and in this short period she stop using the same bag, choosing the one Tsukamoto and her friend have. She coldly brushes off Kana as she cries and tries to make sense of her sudden betrayal, leaving with the other girls after telling her not to bother coming to school if she can't handle it.

Kana awakens later, having gone back in time before her bullying began. Here, Erika is still her friend and she happily brings up their plans of going out to buy charms. Kana then turns everyone against Erika when given the chance, causing her to deal with the harassment Kana was put through. She was then grabbed and taken to the abandoned block, where Tsukamoto began to harass her by saying she brought it upon herself. They then decide to burn her bag, but Erika fights with them to get it back, in the process starting a fire when she knocks one of the girls arms back.

The girls quickly escaped and Kana blocked the door way, leaving Erika stranded until she returns moments later, having found the pair of charms she didn't recognize. Erika explains how she grew consumed with thoughts of Kana as she watched her these past few days, being tortured by everyone around her. She felt horrible but didn't have the courage to stand up to them, nor could she face Kana and apologize, so she purchased the new charms in hopes of mending things. She forces herself to take the punishment Kana has given her as the flames grow out of control, and she thanks her for her friendship. Realizing Erika was truly sorry, Kana quickly comes to her rescue and they leave the building.

Returning to the present, Erika was standing with Tsukamoto until Kana ran out to locate her. They reconcile and tell Tsukamoto off, then they leave while realizing they have each other, and together they can overcome anything that comes their way.

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