Gender Female
Appearance Period 50: Friend of the Science Room
Fate Deceased- Dismembered

Hana is a character in Period 50. She is the leader of a girls group in her class, alongside her friend Yuu Maruyama. She had recently began to pick on Asato Komatsu.

Bio Edit


Hana is a bit taller than the other girls with a mature face and short dark-colored hair framing her face. She had a preference for wearing long-sleeved tops with patterns.


Not much of Hana was known, other than her seeing no harm in stringing along girls who were willing to please her and Yuu by providing some use to them. When the girl was unwilling then she was fine bullying her. She appeared to be more cruel than Yuu, going on to rub salt in the wound after they started picking on Asato.

History Edit

At the start of the story, Hana and her friends were discussing the rumor of the skeleton in the Science Prep room, which was said to move after school. After Asato refused to go inside after choosing her to, she and Yuu began to lash out at her, deciding to make her take the place of the previous girl they were bullying, Chiba. She and Yuu locked Asato into the room after tricking her to step inside, then they abandoned her after making fun of her and bringing up the moving skeleton rumor.

After school, the girls began to make plans to go out for karaoke when Yuu noticed her missing hair pin. Hana told her to fetch it back at the science room -where she recalled her messing with it- while she went to visit the restroom. But she was very alarmed when Yuu never showed up afterwards, and the following day when the Teacher informed everyone of this, she couldn't understand what happened because Yuu seemed fine prior to going missing. 

After noticing Asato go into the science room, Hana followed her and confronted her when she heard her speaking to someone. Seeing Yuu's hair pin in her hands, she insisted Asato knew something, but when Asato denied it she called her a coward and confesses that she was always really annoying to them. A lot of time was spent complaining about her because of how much of a suck-up she was; words that cause Asato pain. She threw Yuu's hair pin at her and ran from the room, then she shut the door on her and held it shut. Hana yelled and threatened her to release her, but Asato refused, and shortly after, Hana's anger turned to fright and she screamed, begging Asato to release her. For a moment Asato considered, but as she became quiet she ran away.

The following day, Hana is said to be missing as well, and by now everyone assumed the skeleton rumors had something to do with it. Eventually, Asato realized the skeleton must have been helping her by disposing of anyone who was being mean to her, and in this time she came to realize that she would let Yuu and Hana use her for things like copying homework, in order to be liked. So most-likely they were never friends to begin with. To her horror she eventually discovers the skeleton dismembered Hana after finding her severed arm in one of the jars in the science room, using parts of her to stitch onto itself.




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