Hikari's Mother
Hikari Mom
Gender Female
Appearance Period 44: Ding Dong Lady
Fate Alive
Hikari's Mother is a character from Period 44, she is married and the Protagonist is her daughter. She is often at work when Hikari gets home from school. 

Bio Edit


Hikari's mom is a youthful looking adult with tiny lashes and smallish eyes. She has short hair worn in a bob that frames her face, with her bangs mostly brushed to the right.


Like most moms she is very loving towards her daughter, but in her best interest she can be strict at times and would appreciate it if Hikari listened to her once in a while. As a result they often have disputes when she refuses to listen to her, but Hikari usually comes around after having time to cool down. She never takes Hikari's mean-spirited remarks to heart and often teases her.

History Edit

Having arrived home to find Hikari playing video games and not bothering with her homework or the laundry as she requested, her mother decides to punish her by unplugging her game system and hiding it, refusing to let her play until she starts focusing again. She didn't acknowledge Hikari's mean remarks before she ran off in tears, and a few day she finds that she is still in a foul mood and ignoring her. She remarks on how stubborn her daughter is.

The following evening she returns home, running late from work and seeing how stunned Hikari is, she starts teasing her before expressing surprise when she begins to cry and hugs her. She accepts her apology and embraces Hikari, unaware of what had made her so worked up.




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