Gender Male
Appearance Period 46

Period 47

Fate Alive

Hiroto is a character who appears in Period 46 and Period 47. He is a popular third year student who was dating Asami.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Hiroto is a handsome teenager with gentle eyes and feathery spiked hair that often covers one eye.

He wears the male school uniform with no tie and opened collar.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hiroto is very popular, with many girls adoring him and wishing to be closer; which makes them envious of Asami. He appears to be kind and understanding, taking his time with Asami when he noticed how unfamiliar she is with dating. However, when things began to go south he was quick to bail under the misunderstanding that she wasn't the sweet girl everyone thought she was before.

History[edit | edit source]

After class one day Hiroto approaches Asami's classroom to speak to her. They go off to another location to have some privacy and she explains what was going on to him. He was surprised the first years got a hold of something like the divination paper but he warns her that if people fail to follow it's rules it has been known to curse them to death.

She thanks him for the information, then he goes on to tell her that she doesn't have to be so formal with him, since they are dating. Due to her being a first year Hiroto is able to deduce that she isn't used to how dating really works yet, but to make her feel better he smiles and brings up that she gets talked about by a lot of third years. So he is very happy that he was able to confess to her first, and he gently holds her steady to kiss her.

Later that day, after the divination occurs and everyone starts to make fun of Asami and badmouth her, she is once again approached by Hiroto. They head to another room and he suddenly tells her to forget about the confession. It's really hard to be with her now because he's been getting a lot of trouble from the others, and he assumes she is as well noticing her distress. She starts to cry as she recalls their kiss, but he takes off after saying he wouldn't have bothered to confess to begin with had he known what she was "really" like.

A few days later after school, Hiroto is shown walking with his friends when they notice Asami in the classroom before them, wielding the Divination paper and ripping it up. Everyone panics under the belief she will die, but when she reappears the next day alive he -along with her ex-friends- express shock.

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