Gender Female
Appearance Period 28: The Do-Gooders Club
Fate Alive
Ichiiro is an Antagonist in the 28th Period of the series and in the fourth chapter of the 7th manga.

Bio Edit


Ichiiro has long, dark colored straightened hair with part of it worn over each shoulder and chin-length split bangs. Her eyes are slanted.


Ichiiro has an intimidating and cold appearance, but she is actually very warm and friendly. She does everything in her power to help others and easily remains humble when everyone showers her and the club with attention.

However, she is blinded to her manipulation of situations in order to be praised and admired. She sees no harm in causing problems that they can fix later because not only does it make them feel good, but other people will be happy too.

History Edit

Ichiiro first appeared when she caught Kaho observing the group and invited her inside, assuming she was a new member. Kaho attempted to explain how she was just looking, but after being kindly offered to join them while they cleaned the Soccer Club's room she finds herself unable to refuse. In this time the four girls work hard cleaning the room, and after they finish, two girls join them to thank the club for their help recently. One girl is so impressed she even offers to get them a present but Ichiiro insists it isn't necessary.

Kaho is further amazed by this display of humbleness as they step outside and are instantly surrounded by several students and staff members of the school, all in good spirits because of them. 

The next day as the girls clean the restrooms, Ichiiro happens to notice the poor mood Kaho is in and brings it up. She insists that she can talk to them if she ever feels the need, and their earnest kindness inspires her to go and offer the same to her troubled friend. But after it fails and she leaves- she ends up discovering the shocking truth when she finds two of the club members destroying their efforts they just did in the soccer club's room.

The following day after school ends, Kaho confronted Ichiiro about what she saw. However, Ichiiro could care-less, instead expressing joy that she witnessed this since she had been planning on assigning Kaho this duty the next week. Seeing her sudden uneasiness, Ichiiro remarks on how strange she is before explaining that it is because of them that people are happy. They might steal items and provide bullies with money to cause problems that they can fix; but people will be happy and it leaves them feeling fulfilled in the end, so nobody is really getting hurt. 

After Kaho realizes the girls aren't different from her after all, they are shown to be rewarding her with an official members arm band and observe her as she and her friend discuss the recent change of events in her life.




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