Gender Female
Appearance Period 54: True Intention Candy
Fate Alive
Iwamoto is a character from Period 54. She has feelings for Watanabe, and didn't get along with Momo Sakurano, who often made fun of her.

Bio Edit


Iwamoto is an average-looking girl with shoulder-length hair and a gentle face.


Iwamoto adores Watanabe, to the point that others would accuse her of stalking him and made fun of her. She appears to be lonely and doesn't have any friends, and she usually keeps to herself.

Over the course of the story, her pent-up frustration eventually came to a head, revealing that she can also be calculative and cruel towards those who hurt her.

History Edit

Iwamoto was first spotted by Momo and her friend Yori as they were out observing the chocolate shop for Valentines Day. Momo, who didn't like her because she viewed her as a "stalker" began to pick on her, loudly saying that she felt sorry for Watanabe because she followed him around so much, and how he will obviously turn her down; until Yori shut her up by bringing her to another area in the shop. 

Later, Momo continued to harass Iwamoto after noticing her listening to her and the group of girls she was speaking to about her walk home with Watanabe. Everyone began to laugh at her, and in her hurry to leave she tripped, spilling the contents of her bag to reveal the chocolate she was going to give to him. This made them make more fun of her, until she could properly collect her things and leave.

At some point, Momo arrived to find the word DIE on a paper that was on her desk, with a box cutting knife sticking through it. She assumed it was Iwamoto's doing. Then, after she cried realizing how much she regretted buying the true-intention candies, she was approached by Iwamoto, who helped her to the infirmary and handed over her uniform to change into. This led Momo to wonder if she was mistreating Iwamoto, who had been very kind to her despite picking on her so much, but Iwamoto claimed it was nothing since by now, she thinks everyone is right about her. She offers to tell the Teachers that Momo will be resting this upoming period and she took off.

After a heartfelt phone call with Yori, Momo officially decides to stop using the true-intention candy, and she got up with the intention of changing and heading to class. Iwamoto returns to stop her, revealing the skipping rope she brought back with her, which she proceeded to twist around Momo's neck multiple times while gripping both sides. She asks how its fair for someone like her to be loved by the guy she likes, and to be loved by such a good friend. Momo made her life hell, saying its because of her that she gets made of all the time, and unlike her, she has nobody by her side. She then yanked on the rope tightly while telling Momo not to listen to others words so carelessly.




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