Gender Female
Appearance Period 19: The Money Tree
Fate Deceased
Julie is a side-character in the 19th period of the series and in the third chapter of the 5th manga. Her family was the original owner of the Money Tree.

Bio Edit


Julie has long wavy hair with a small amount pulled into a ponytail on the side of her head held with a decorative hair tie. She has thick layered bangs mostly brushed to the left.


A spoiled and wealthy girl who often brags over her families good fortune and invites the girls of her class over to talk to them about it. She claims it's nothing special though, in an attempt to sound modest. While she isn't initially mean, she can't resist teasing Akane over her lack of money.

History Edit

Julie invited the girls in her classroom over to chat about spending her winter break in Hawaii. The girls are interested- with the exception of a bored Akane and her annoyed friend since she essentially just invited them to gloat. She modestly acts like it isn't a big deal with, but she sends Akane into tears after noticing how frequently she wears the same skirt and realizes she doesn't have much money. With that she decides to show the girls the reason of her families wealth and brings them to the Money Tree- after she makes them promise not to say anything. 

After Akane returns home to find the money tree in her yard, she is suddenly called by Julie to ask if she's seen it. She mentions how its suddenly gone missing, and Akane denies seeing it as payback for her teasing earlier. 

As the days pass, Julie overhears Akane's friend mention how recently she's been changing her attire more often, causing her to cast suspicion.

Later that same day, Akane heads into her backyard and finds Julie's hair tie there. However, she doesn't find her classmate and returns inside. She finds out the next day at school that she didn't show up and the police got involved, considering her mother went missing the day they went to visit her. 

Eventually Akane finds out the truth of the recent disappearances; the Money Tree has been sealing people beneath the ground and entangled them within its roots, using them as nutrients. Julie missing and her discarded hair tie implies the tree had gotten her after she visited Akane's home, and her corpse is later shown along with her mothers and the rest of Akane's family.




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