Kaede Mimura
Age 15
Gender Female
Appearance Period 49: Beautiful Mother and Daughter
Fate Alive - possibly handicapped
Kaede Mimura is the beautiful protagonist of Period 49. She is raised by her single mother. She was dating Akina.

Bio Edit


Kaede is a fifteen year old girl with long, curled hair and bangs framing her face. She has wide, friendly eyes with lashes.

Over the course of the story she becomes very frail and sickly, gaining the wrinkles and spots on her skin that her mother had until she looks like an old, withered woman. She also lost most of her hair.


Kaede appears to be a humble and confident teenager who has become arrogant over time due to her popularity and knowing nobody could rival her beauty. She truly believes herself to be a Goddess and is treated like one by her classmates, which doesn't help her ego.

She gets very angry, to the point of outright hatred in regards to her mother because of how ugly she is in her eyes, and she can't stand being near her. She earnestly adores her boyfriend though, and seeing his genuine desire to treat her right as his girlfriend, she was very touched. 

History Edit

Kaede's morning begins off beautifully until she's reminded of her mothers lack of personal care and over the morning finds herself in a foul mood. Especially when she suddenly shows up at school in order to deliver an item she left behind- despite Kaede making sure to remind her not to do this. Ever. 

She finds herself pushed past her limits upon arriving home, demanding her mom not leave the house at all, and if she really has to then she must wear sunglasses and a mask, and only leave out the back door in case someone realizes she lives there. She screams at her mother for being so hideous and runs into her bedroom.

The following day her mood remains as she overhears some classmates chatting about the ugly woman who showed up yesterday, when suddenly Akina mentions that he would like to see her mother some time. This leads her friends to also ask if they can meet her, and when she realizes she has been backed into a corner, Kaede agrees to let them come over- but she insists her mom is sick right now and is bed-ridden.

When her mom suddenly exits her room -even after Kaede texted her telling her not to- she is alarmed upon realizing she looks normal. Everyone was surprised but they were very glad to see she was kind, although Kaede remained on edge and confronted her the next morning after noticing she looked more youthful. Kaede asks her how she managed to pull this off, but her mom doesn't answer her, and she began to notice her looking more and more younger with each passing day as she began to dress more cutely- she even started wearing makeup.

One morning before school Kaede rushes into her moms room to find her not only using her mirror, but wearing one of her dresses. She was stunned by her lack of consideration as she takes off to do some shopping. When Kaede gets to school and Akina mentions meeting "her sister" she rushed back home to confront her mother right after, only to realize she was still out. She waited for hours, just to overhear her mom return home with someone, and to her alarm she saw Akina was with her. After he leaves she demands to know what she was doing with him, but her mother ignores her to remind her of how ashamed she was of her before; so now its okay because she's not ugly anymore.

As Kaede began noticing how ugly her own face was becoming, she wept and her mother comforted her while explaining her feelings. She went on to reveal that she was cutting off Kaede's hair, showing her the jar she found moments prior and explains that it contained youthful nutrients within it. She licks one of the strands as Kaede collapses from fright, and she assures Kaede that she will continue to stay by her side.

Some time passes and Kaede is revealed to become very thin, with a withered and brittle face comparable to an old person. Most of her hair is thinned and at neck length, and she's been reduced to using a wheel chair that her mother guides.



  • She is the second oldest protagonist in the series, being beaten by Lala Nishino, who is 18.


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