Gender Female
Appearance Period 15: Execution Classroom
Fate Alive - Coma
Kanamoto is an antagonist featured in the 15th Chapter of the series and in the third chapter of the 4th manga. She frequently bullies An Shirazawa

Bio Edit


Kanamoto has long hair worn in a thick ponytail with a thick braided band over her head. Part of her hair is worn over her shoulder in a loosely twisted curl. Her thick bangs are brushed mostly to the right of her head and partially tucked under her forelocks. She has curvy eyes with several lashes. Her attire is shown as fashionable and mature.


A bully whose reasons were unknown, she took pleasure in An's crying and pleas to stops, even pointing out that this had been why she targeted her. Despite this, she was one of the many shown to be terrified of the chair rumor.

History Edit

Kanamoto horribly bullied An on a frequent basis and was shown spraying her with the water from the toilets. She took off after Miyuu Yoshino came to An's defense and turned the hose on her and her friends, and she ran off, claiming to report them to the teacher.

Days later, after the class began to take it among themselves to punish the wrongdoers of the school, Kanamoto was brought in front of them. For all of her bullying, she was sentenced to sit in the chair- much to her horror. She fought against it, saying that it was ridiculous and refusing to sit, but she was forced after being grabbed by a few classmates. The next day the class had been told that she had been hit by a car and went into a coma. 

It was shortly revealed after this that An had been the cause. After being tormented by her for so long she saw the chair as her way out of it and asked the Class Representative to punish her.



  • She is the first female victim of the chair.


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