Kanna Kamiyama
Age 12
Gender Female
Appearance Period 53: Blog of God
Fate Alive
Kanna Kamiyama is the Protagonist of Period 53. Midori and Mai are her good friends. She's a fan of MikaMika's Blog.

Bio Edit


Kanna is a preteen girl with short hair worn in a bob, with bangs evenly spread out. She has big, slightly curved eyes. In the future as a teenager/adult, Kanna is shown to have grown out her hair. She has become thinned and sickly looking, covering herself with a blanket.


Kanna is a normal, average girl according to herself. She has no special talents like her friends, and she believes she just isn't noticeable. She enjoys making plush toys as a hobby and initially intended on making this the focus of her blog, until encouraged by MikaMika to began expanding on it.

Over time, Kanna gained an inflated ego and she began to treat things more critically under the belief she became popular on her own merits. She tossed aside her friendships until it was too late, and at the end of the story she is very unhappy being forced to spend all of her time on the computer.

History Edit

One day, Kanna is encouraged by her friends Mai and Midori to start a blog after viewing a new post by their favorite Blogger. Initially she didn't think it would be entertaining and confesses she wouldn't read it, but she gives it a shot and after being sought out by MikaMika, who offered to lend her a hand by spreading word of her blog and giving her some tips. Kanna was in disbelief but accepted, an in no time her blog began to grow in views, to the point that it eventually appeared on the top list of current blogs and her classmates were beginning to recognize her. 

But, over time Kanna began to neglect her friends to focus on the blog. Which got so bad that she eventually told them to stop bothering her after they tried to tell her a rumor they heard about MikaMika. Kanna didn't care, more focused on overtaking her as the top Blogger; and upon doing so she was delighted. Up until when the news came on and she overheard them discussing the body of Mika having been found deceased in her bedroom that morning. She was shocked hearing this, and as they wondered the terms of death, the power went out, all except for her computer. She began to see several comments flooding her screen and the mouse was moving on its own, and ghosts began to appear from it saying that with Mika gone, Kanna would fill her role.

Realizing that MikaMika used her in an attempt to pass the role to someone else, Kanna attempted to call Mai and speak to her, but Mai refused to have anything to do with her and hung up, leaving Kanna to despair as the ghosts assured her that they would continue to support her.

Years pass and a few women outside of the Kamiyama household discuss Kanna becoming a shut-in. Her parents tried really hard to help her, but she refused to leave her room. As the women wonder how Kanna could spend all of her time in there, she is shown to be miserably typing away.




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