Kanna Kamiyama
Age 12
Gender Female
Appearance Period 53: Blog of God
Fate Alive

Kanna Kamiyama is the Protagonist of Period 53. Midori and Mai are her good friends. She's a fan of MikaMika's Blog.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kanna is a preteen girl with a short bob-cut and evenly spread bangs. She has big, slightly curved eyes.

As a teenager/adult, Kanna's hair is longer and she has become thin and sickly looking, covering herself with a blanket.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kanna sees herself as an average girl with no noticeable traits, especially in comparison to her popular friends. She doesn't see herself as noticeable and doesn't think anyone would be interested in her or what she likes as a hobby, making stuffed animals.

However, with her friends and MikaMika's encouragement she started to gain popularity, raising her confidence to the point of gaining an ego. She began treating things more critically thinking her own merits was what led to her popularity, even tossing aside her friendships as she became obsessed with spending her time online.

History[edit | edit source]

One day, Kanna is encouraged by her friends Mai and Midori to start a blog after viewing a new post by their favorite Blogger. Initially she didn't think it would be entertaining but she gives it a shot and after being sought out by MikaMika, who offered to lend her a hand by spreading word of her blog and giving her some tips. In no time her blog began to grow in views, to the point that it eventually appeared on the rankings list and her classmates began to give her more attention.

But as she began to focus more and more on the blog she started to ignore important things, like going to school and her friends, who she told off when they reached out to her. When she finally surpassed MikaMika Blog she was very happy, until the news came on and she overheard the discussion that Mika's corpse had been found that morning. Suddenly, the power goes out with the exception of her computer, and she sees a flood of comments as the mouse moves on its own. Ghosts begin to appear in her screen and inform Kanna that with Mika gone it is her turn to fill her role. Realizing that Mika used her and her popularity was not her doing, Kanna attempted to call her friends, who abruptly gave her the cold shoulder and hung up. The ghosts assure Kanna they will remain supportive of her as she begins to despair.

Years pass and a few women outside of the Kamiyama household discuss Kanna becoming a shut-in. Her parents tried really hard to help her, but she refused to leave her room. As the women wonder how Kanna could spend all of her time in there, she is shown miserably typing away.

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