Gender Female
Appearance Period 9: Kasako-San is Coming
Fate Deceased
Kasako-san is a character in the 9th chapter of the series and in the 1st of the 3rd manga. She is the ghost of a young girl who went missing years prior to the story. 

Bio Edit


At the time of her death, Kasako was a young girl with shoulder length hair and slanted eyes. As a ghost, she has messier hair and appears to be dirty and bruised. She carries around her severed arm.

History Edit

During the rainy season she is said to appear in search of her red umbrella. Initially it appears she is already holding it- but it is actually her arm. If the person refuses to help her or fails to find the umbrella, she will sever their arm and kill them.

What originally started as a harmless story during gym class becomes a nightmare for Miharu and Youko Oota, the school sports superstars and friends when they run into her one day. She gives them both four days to find the umbrella and leaves, and on edge the friends head to school and confess to their classmates- who initially don't believe them until seeing physical proof.

One classmate brings the others to the Computer Room in hopes of narrowing down their search by finding out Kasako-san was a girl who died in 1999 while she had been a sixth grader. She came from the town nearby and had been hit by a truck while searching for her umbrella, which had been hidden by bullies.

After the four days are up, Miharu and Youko begin to panic after Kasako-san arrives to see if either of them have found the umbrella. In a panic they fight over it, with Miharu claiming victory and Youko and Kasako-san vanishing.




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