Gender Female
Appearance Period 44: Ding Dong Lady
Fate Unknown - Found by the Ding Dong Lady
Konomi is a young middle school student who was the previous leader of Hikari's friend-group prior to graduation. She appears in Period 44, telling her the story of the Ding Dong Lady.

Bio Edit


Konomi is a young girl a bit taller than Hikari and her friends. She has big rounded eyes and hair partially reaching past her shoulders with her bangs brushed mostly to the left and partially tucked beneath her forelocks.

She is normally found in her school's sailor uniform.


Konomi is admired by Hikari for being an older student and a sweet and friendly older-sister type. She is very comforting towards Hikari and enjoys spending time with her still, even though they don't hang out much anymore. It's revealed later that she has a playful side that comes out whenever she needs to relieve stress from school.

History Edit

Leaving school Konomi happens to come across her old friends, where she hears Hikari tell the others about the strange event that went on at home. After the others left she approached Hikari to tell her about something related to it, known as the "Ding Dong Lady", a woman who killed herself out of guilt for leaving her sick child at home alone and now searches for children who are at home alone in an attempt to find hers again. But she assures Hikari that it's probably untrue, as some people tend to spread false rumors on the gossip website.

The next day, she runs into Hikari again, who frantically begs her to come over to her place until her mom gets home. Feeling responsible for worrying her so much, Konomi agrees, but after a while when nothing happens Hikari allows her to leave, feeling much more at ease now.

At the end of the story, Konomi has just finished informing the gossip website or her friends about what happened with Hikari. She was so frightened by the story, it was very funny. It's then she hears her doorbell ring and she gets up to answer it, wondering who it could be since her mom is already home. Feeling a grip on her ankle, she is horrified seeing the Ding Dong Lady on the ground, proclaiming she has found her child.




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