Gender Female
Appearance Period 56: Capsuled Personality Vending Machine
Fate Alive
Kozue is the Protagonist of Period 55.

Bio Edit


Kozue is a shy, delicate looking girl with big slanted eyes and shoulder length dark-colored hair. Her thick bangs are mostly brushed to the corner.

Kozue's style is casual, with things like sweaters worn with pants or a skirt.


An extremely mousy-type, Kozue is unable to really speak her mind and as a result she's usually forgotten by others- but for most part she doesn't seem to be un-liked. Her friend Mika insists she is fine the way she is, and she is revealed to enjoy things like manga, gachapon, and collecting strange or weird objects.

Over the story, Kozue began to display various other personalities as a result of the vending machine. As much as she cares about Mika, she refused to give up being acknowledged by the others.

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