Gender Female
Appearance Period 2: The Bonds Of A Curse
Fate Alive

Kurosawa is one of Ai's classmates and a character in the 2nd Chapter of the 1st Manga. A mysterious girl who kept to herself and was rumored to put curses on people she didn't like.

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Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kurosawa is viewed as creepy by the other students, with looks that feed their rumors. She has long hair with bangs hiding her face and slanted, empty or cold looking eyes. It is rare to see her smile. She attends an Academy and is only shown wearing her school uniform.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kurosawa is a quiet girl who keeps to herself and appears to struggle socially with others and generally avoids them. This causes her classmates to avoid her out of fear she may "curse them", and she says nothing to defuse these rumors against her. She loves Kotaro, and his happy responses imply that he saw her as a good person like Ai did. Unlike the other girls, Kurosawa also appeared to see Sakahara for the cruel person he really was.

History[edit | edit source]

One day Ai approached her with Kotaro as she was walking down the path, and startled by her sudden approach she turned away and left. Later when Ai returned to visit Kotaro she found a strange doll in his mouth, which Kurosawa grabbed and hid away. She had been preparing to leave until Ai brought up the bag of dog biscuits she saw in her pocket, and convinced Kurosawa to stay and give them to him. The girls bonded for a short while until Ai noticed Kotaro had a few injuries. She questioned them, causing Kurosawa to remark upon this and take off.

After Kotaro's death, she was once again approached by Ai- but this time it was to ask her to borrow one of her voodoo dolls. Kurosawa complied, resulting in Sakahara's death, which they were informed of the following day while preparing a grave for their class pet. They exchanged glances and said nothing more, relieved in knowing Kotaro had been avenged.

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