Kurumi Nuiyama
Gender Female
Appearance Period 55: Beloved Plush Toy
Fate N/A - Possibly Deceased
Kurumi Nuiyama is the Protagonist of Period 55.

Bio Edit


Kurumi is a young girl with short, shoulder-length hair normally worn in a low ponytail over her left shoulder with a scrunchie. Most of her bangs are brushed to the left, with a small amount framing the right of her face. She has big, friendly eyes.


At school Kurumi is all smiles and is always willing to please her friends by lending them a hand, or taking the less-desireable option that would bother her deep down. However, deep down she is very agressive and she has a foul temper from stress and feeling like she's contantly being taken advantage of. As soon as she leaves school, she is usually always scowling until she can calm down, usually after violently beating up her stuffed toys.

Kurumi is shown to deeply care for her parents, and she was very happy when her friends were willing to lend her a hand for a change. Because of all the tension she was able to release, she also began to smile more earnestly, which went noticed by others.

History Edit

Admiring the plush her friend brought back as souvenirs, Kurumi notes that one is different from the other two and wanting to be a good friend she offers to take the left-over plush. While she seems happy knowing they avoided conflict, her mood is shown to be terrible as she makes her way home and straight to her bedroom. In there, she notices how beaten up her current plush sitting out is and unable to further take more stress out on it, she goes to her mom. But when she refuses to buy her anymore citing she is too violent with them, she notices her Teddy Bear is still there.

Over the next few days Kurumi abuses Teddy Bear over various incidents. Until one day, when her friends notice she seems to be relaxed in comparison to usual. Kurumi was very happy by this- until she gets home to see her mother was hurt. She insisted it was nothing and Kurumi saw her stuffed bear sitting on top of the stairs as she wonders how this could have happened. Then, the next morning she awakens to her mom yelling and she informs Kurumi that she must take her dad to the hospital, because he's suddenly become very ill. Kurumi notices Teddy Bear near the pot of soup with a bottle of soap. Before leaving, she shoves Teddy Bear into a box and tapes it up.

At school Kurumi worriedly informs the girls of what happened, and she continues to worry about him as she recalls how much pain he was in. One of them suggests that Kurumi left them handle cleaning today so that she can get home quicker, surprising her by their kindness as they confess that lately they have felt like they were being spoiled by her. They want to make it up to her by being her strength, and once they convince her its okay Kurumi takes off.

She arrives home to find out nobody is there yet, then she sees her mom left a message on the answering machine. She is shocked to see that despite nobody arriving home, the box has been torn open. She notices a strange shadow looming up behind her and quickly smacks Teddy Bear, causing it to fly back into a cabinet. She stares in disbelief as it raises itself up again and grabs a pair of scissors, cutting it in half. She attempts to get up when several objects fall from the cabinet above her and hit her face. She also finds several stuffed animals from her past that she destroyed from her various tantrums, and she wonders why they are still here.

Her torn-apart Teddy Bear pulls itself over to her and suddenly, she recalls the past when she used to play with all of them and cherished them. This makes her wonder if maybe they just wanted to play with her and she begins to weep. Unfortunately, when Kurumi snaps out of it she realizes they are wielding mallets, knives, and scissors. The last thing she sees is the knife wielded by Teddy Bear coming in her direction.

In the Epilogue, Kurumi is implied to have been killed as Yomi observes the bloodied weapons the stuffed animals were holding.




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