Gender Female
Appearance Period 48: The Sea of Silence
Fate N/A - Most likely deceased
Liz is the protagonist from Period 48.

Liz was forced into a family trip over the summer holiday and while trying to avoid bonding with them she finds a picture diary belonging to Minako, a young girl who vanished ten years prior.

Bio Edit


Liz is a young girlwith medium-long hair mostly worn loose with her bangs pulled back into a side-tail. Being on vacation she normally wears plain-casual clothing.


Liz is at the age where everything her family does ends up annoying her, to the point that little things make her mad and she tries to avoid them at all costs- if she can't tune them out by listening to music, then she is likely to keep distance. She isn't sure why she feels this way but she finds it impossible to tell them her feelings initially.

Liz is shown to be a concerned girl though, initially brushing off what she found about Minako until discovering her remains after she reconciled with her family. She was very relieved, thinking that she could peacefully move on now.

History Edit

As her family gets settled at the beach Inn they are staying at Liz attempted to ignore them until losing her patience. Then she storms off for outside to use her phone to talk with her friends, but when she realizes her phone needs charged she managed to find a closed off room with an outlet inside and snuck in. But after spilling a vase full of water she picks up a picture diary belonging to a little girl that it spilled on. She starts reading it but being reminded of families causes her annoyance, and she tosses it into the nearby garbage.

Over evening Liz is horrified when she believes she is seeing the ghostly image of a girl, who she later discovers could be Minako-chan, a little girl who vanished ten years ago.

Liz continues to see the spirit, who seems to be speaking to her, and she recalls the picture diary she discarded the prior day. But rather than tell her parents anything, she continues sulking while they continue to enjoy the trip, until when the power suddenly gets cut an she finds herself confronted by Minako's spirit. She gets awoken by her family when they return a while later, and she sobs as they comfort her and assure her that she can depend on them to make her feel better. As she realizes she might have imagined seeking Minako's spirit, she suddenly notices something within their rooms ceiling and they open it to discover Minako's bones within it.

After the remains were taken away, Liz returns to the room with the weight lifted off of her shoulders. She is sure Minako feels at peace now and begins to flip through the pictue book again- but to her distress she learns that Minako withheld a dark secret. As she reads more entries, she learns that Minako was aware of her parents plotting something scary, and she helplessly begged for someone to save her or take her place. As Liz reads over this, she is confronted by the spirits of Minako and her parents, who plan on using her to take the place of her deceased daughter.

In the epilogue, Yomi wonders what happened to Liz afterwards.




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