Liz's Parents
Gender Male & Female
Appearance Period 48: The Sea of Silence
Fate Alive
Liz's Parents are characters in Period 48. They are the parents of Liz and Yuuta.

Bio Edit


Liz's dad bares resembles to Yuuta but as an adult, with slightly messy black hair, while her mother is youthful, with long hair worn in a pair of thin pigtails over her shoulders.


Liz's parents try to deal with Liz as she currently detests having anything to do with them. They dearly care for her well-being and wish she would confide in them more. Her father is shown to be goofy and easy-going but Liz finds it hard to understanding him anymore, while her mom is more stern and insists on making Liz bond with the family, so they often argue.

History Edit

Liz's family was very excited as they arrived at the beach, and as Liz attempts to tune them out her mother attempted to get her to enjoy herself while on the trip; going as far as to yank away the headphones she was trying to use. She insisted Liz spend time with them, but this riled her up and caused her parents concern.

As Liz became even more stressed, they continued enjoying themselves and at one point invited her to the onsen, but Liz refused, causing her mom to lose her patience and chastise her for not being more open with them. Shortly after the power went out, they returned to find Liz in a cold sweat, having experienced a nightmare and as she sobbed, they revealed that they were told about her speaking to Minako's grandmother earlier and comfort her. Then at Liz's insistance they got help with the ceiling to discover Minako's remains. 

Her parents reappear at the end of the story, when her mother wonders what could be keeping her as they are packing up to go home. They are unaware of Liz's fate at the hands of Minako and her parents.




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