Madoka Kitano
Gender Female
Appearance Period 52: Ghost Tunnel
Fate Deceased - attacked by ghosts
Madoka Kitano is the Protagonist of Period 52. She's extremely withdrawn and picked on because she is easily frightened by others, and as a result she doesn't get along with her popular classmate Misono.

Bio Edit


Madoka is a meek girl with big, sad or uneasy eyes. She has long hair usually tucked within her scarf and jacket, with a small portion left loose on each side of her head. She has thick bangs covering her forehead.


Madoka is a friendless girl who always keeps to herself, even when being tormented by Misono or other students who like making fun of her, she remains silent. She becomes nervous and scared very easily, unable to be upfront and honest with she feels.

However, over the course of the chapter her resentment is showing growing until it caused her to lash out at someone when it finally reached its boiling point.

History Edit

Madoka is a frequent victim of bullying; either from a classmate who is very popular, or students even younger than her. She is very meek and is easily frightened by other people, but she can't understand why they all treat her so terribly. She is also afraid of the tunnel she must go through every day to and from school, and after hearing the rumor of several people dying in there and going missing, she begins to hate it even more.

After hearing this story she found it very hard to enter until she becomes angered over how poorly she was treated, and she steps inside to see if she can find the seal said to protect those who enter. She spots it and in a panic after she overhears some students coming by to look for it, she rips it off of the wall and runs away. Her concerns worsen when she begins to realize that without the seal, some students have been going missing and she makes a plan to return it the first chance she gets. But not without bringing her frequent tormentor -Misono- with her, after she makes a heartless remark.

Madoka intends on shoving Misono into the tunnel after she convinces her to look for the seal, but when Misono caught her about to do this, they get into a physical fight and Misono tries yanking Madoka inside. Finally pushed past her limits, Madoka reached for a nearby rock and hit Misono over the head with it, but realizing she had killed her classmate, Madoka panicked. As much as she hated her, she never meant to hurt her, the tunnel was supposed to. With no other choice she pulled Misono's body into the tunnel, believing she would be okay because she had the seal. But as she prepared to leave, she happened to seea strange human-shaped smear on the wall of the tunnel. She was alarmed by this, and as she turned to find Misono's body was missing. As Madoka observes several more shadows surrounding her, she realized the seal has gone missing, and before she could find it, they began to close in on her.

In Yomi's epilogue, she is shown to be observing a spirit implied to be Madoka.




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