Mako and Misao
Mako Misao
Gender Female (Both)
Appearance Period 37: The Witch of the Library Room
Fate Unknown - Pushed down stairs
Mako and Misao are characters from the Period 37.

They are part of the Hijiri Alliance with their best friend Riri Itou.

Bio Edit


One girl has wavy chest-length hair with spread out bangs and medium colored hair. She wears oval-shaped glasses and a cardigan with her uniform.

The other girl has short-medium light colored hair worn in a side-bun with curled, loose strand to match her long strands that frame her face. She has rounded eyes. 


Described by Hijiri's friends as fangirls, Mako and Misao adore Hijiri to the same extent that Riri does and are shown to think a lot alike and enjoy manga. But despite their friendship, they were shown to be cruelly indifferent when Riri starts experiencing odd incidents, claiming she might deserve it for trying to get closer to Hijiri.

History Edit

Hearing that Hijiri recently broke up with his girlfriend, the girls admire him when Riri suggests they make misanga to match his own. They love the idea and agrees, joining her at the library to try to find a book that will teach them how to make one.

A few days later, Misao and Mako begin to notice how close Riri has been getting to Hijiri as of late due to joining the Beautification committee she's a member of. They make sure to remind her that getting close to him isn't an option due to the mutual agreement they had, and after two near-death experiences they begin to wonder if this is karma striking at her for going against their promise.

Unknowing to them, this causes Riri to suspect they might be involved, and they catch her in the act of going through their personal items during gym class. They express shock when she accuses them of trying to harm her out of jealousy, and they claim they couldn't have done anything. She doesn't believe them, causing them to accuse her of using the book to make him join the club, which she also denies.

Riri eventually reaches her limits when another freak accident causes her injury and she sees the girls smirking in the distance. She denounces their friendship on that spot and chases after the, shoving them down the stairs they stood near. An ambulance is called and in this time she searches Misao's bag but is still unable to find the book, and as she reaches the library she discovers neither of them checked it out.




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