Megu Saitou
Gender Female
Appearance Period 7: Supplements For The Brain
Fate Alive
Megu Satou is a friend of Ayumi Ooishi, the protagonist of the seventh chapter of the series and in the 4th of the 2nd manga. She attends cram school Special A Class.

Bio Edit


Megu has short hair framing her face with a few loose, longer strands and bangs neatly brushed to the right of her face. Her eyes are slightly curved with lashes on the corners. She is shown wearing frilly, but mature looking floral print attire.


Megu is a bright and studious young girl who is considered popular because of her intelligence and how smart she is. She never once questioned her friendship with the less-hardworking Ayumi and she will defend her at given notice.

History Edit

Megu first appeared picking up Ayumi after cram school had finished, defending her from a group of boys who were making fun of her poor grades. Ayumi admires Megu for being very smart, and mentions how not only is her mother a teacher, but her brother managed to graduate from a top college. For a while she truly believed Megu had been one of the few "chosen".

As Ayumi began improving, Megu was very happy for her. She admitted to having been worried over her as of late because she struggled so much before, but by the time Ayumi began to do well enough to join her class, she started to question her friends brilliance. She started to avoid Ayumi until she one day asked her to join her and a few other girls to speak with the Teacher once class ended, saying they had some questions about their work. Ayumi turned her down and left, leaving Megu with the other girls, who began to wonder if Ayumi has been cheating. Unaware of Ayumi spying on them -because she forgot an item- Megu admits it's possible because she hasn't been showing any work, she just answers.

Out of spite, Ayumi takes several of her brain enhancing pills and begins to shove her brilliance in Megu's face and rumor began to spread that she had become smarter than her. Ayumi implied that she heard her, much to Megu's shock, but she gave her no chance to apologize or explain herself. As soon as she got home Megu called Ayumi and formally apologizes for what she said, she feels very badly about it and didn't mean to say something so hurtful out of jealousy. She couldn't believe Ayumi was doing so well when she never put in any effort like she is forced to do every day, and she can see that nobody ever noticed how hard Ayumi tried to do her best. She has come to believe she must be a chosen person, unaware of the scientists who have shown up to collect Ayumi for experimentation.



  • Megu is a lot like Mari from Period 42.
    • Both girls have 4-letter names beginning with M.
    • They vaguely resemble each other.
    • Both of them have a more impulsive and lively friend.
    • Both of them also have their friendships questioned by their classmates who make fun of or tease the other girl. But they are shown to hold their friend in high reguards.
    • Both accidentally cause their friend to snap and cause her to do something that leads to her being captured. 


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