Gender Female
Appearance Period 53: Blog of God
Fate Deceased - crushed beneath desk

Mika is a character in Period 53. She is the mysterious author of the MikaMika Blog.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mika is a cutesy-looking girl on her blog, with big shiny eyes and thick, fluffy twin-tails held by bows. She wears cute clothing and paints her nails.

Personality[edit | edit source]

MikaMika acts very cute, with interests ranging in baking, movies, anime, manga, and fashion. She is very supportive and eager to make Kanna a popular Blogger and seemed to really support her. Later, Kanna theorizes that Mika had ulterior motives for why she was doing this, but it's not made clear if she truly did intend on it.

History[edit | edit source]

Mika runs the very popular MikaMika's Blog, which is considered to be a God-tier blog for remaining the most popular currently. Viewing her blog and the delicious cakes she recently made and posted a topic on encouraged Kanna to try to make a blog, and having been charmed by the plush toy she made, Mika contacted her and offered to help spread word about her blog and give her some tips on how to rise in the rankings. Kanna was extremely surprised but she accepted, and in no time her views count raised and she was getting many comments. While she acknowledges it was Mika's influence, she was just happy that people were looking.

A while later, Mika celebrated Kanna officially being added to the ranking board of popular blogs, and she asked her fans to continue encouraging Kanna.

Three days passed since then and Kanna notices that Mika has not updated her blog. However, she assumed she paced herself. A while later, she was contacted by her friends who had heard a rumor involving MikaMika on 3CH- in that she wasn't a living person, but a ghost of a girl obsessed with her computer. Kanna barely paid them any attention at the time, until one day when the news came on and she was informed of a corpse of a girl being found that morning, having been crushed beneath her desk. After being told that the girl was the owner of MikaMika's Blog, Kanna noticed several comments flooding her blog after the power went out in her home. As ghosts began to appear on the screen, Kanna suddenly realized that she was being used by Mika, who either killed herself or was killed by them because they were forcing her to write on her blog all the time. She reached out to Kanna to pass the role onto someone else.

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