Gender Female
Appearance Period 56: Capsuled Personality Vending Machine
Fate Alive
Mika is a character in Period 55. She is close friends with Kozue.

Bio Edit


Mika has wide, friendly eyes and medium-long curled hair normally worn in a high ponytail with a scrunchie. Her long bangs are evenly spread around her face.


Mika is friendly and outgoing, the complete opposite of Kozue, who she really cares about and often helps out or encourages. She loves her just the way she is and she makes sure Kozue remembers that, and she can easily read her like a book.

Over the course of the story, Mika was shown worrying over Kozue, until it got to the point that she realized she wasn't going to listen to her anymore.

History Edit

Mika attempts to help Kozue feel better by complimenting what makes her special, like her fondess for strange or weird things. She cherishes her dearly and tries to help her remember this; and having been so used to her withdrawn personality, she was initially shocked when she saw Kozue open her mouth to speak so clearly for the first time in school the following day. As they days passed she began to grow suspicious of Kozue's change of attitude until she finally got a chance to speak to her about it, asking her if she was "laying it on too thickly" and believing she was pretending to have changed personalities for the sake of being liked. She reminds Kozue that she likes the normal her best; and while Kozue is shown to feel sorry for making Mika worry, she refused to listen to her.  One day, Kozue arrives to school to overhear Mika and their other friends discussing their intention not to go to the movies as Kozue suggested the prior day. They explained that as of late she's become hard to trust, and her multiple personalities is weird, they even say Mika doesn't want anything to do with her. Mika seems uncertain and sad, but she agrees. However, she immediately tried to take her words back after realizing Kozue heard her, and in a panic she ran over her in hopes of convincing her to stop. She found Kozue within the gachapon machine shop and called out to her. The following day, Mika is revealed to have given up on Kozue upon realizing that she will no longer be capable of listening to her. Their friends ask Mika if this is really okay, but she doesn't know what else she can do to help her.




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