Gender Female
Appearance Period 48: The Sea of Silence
Fate Deceased - Starvation
Minako is a six year old girl who disappeared ten years prior to Period 48.

She is the granddaughter of the keeper of the beach Inn Liz and her family were staying at. 

Bio Edit


As a young girl Minako had a small frame and shoulder-length black hair. As a spirit, she is shown to be a little older and her hair became very long and messy, and she looked dampened.


Not much is known about Minako, but her grandmother explains that she loved to write in her picture diary and usually ran around the Inn while carrying it with her. She loved her family and spending time with them. Liz eventually discovers that Minako was a lot smarter than one would think a six year old would be, in that she could understand her parents arguements and could tell they weren't happy anymore. She became paranoid over time as she noticed her parents strange behaviors.

History Edit

Liz first comes across Minako when she explores a furnished, but no longer useable room at the Inn. She accidentally spills water on her picture diary and began to look through it, where she sees a picture of Minako and her parents at the zoo. She really cherishes her family and was very happy, looking forward to when they could do it again. 

Over the next few days, Liz began to see the ghostly spirit of Minako, and she was informed by the Inn keeper that she was her granddaughter, who went missing ten years ago. Her parents committed suicide shortly after, and she couldn't bare to get rid of their belongings, so she kept the room exactly as is. This led Liz to determine that Minako's spirit has been trying to reach out to her, asking for her to "find" something, but she had no idea what.

Eventually, Liz notices an odd spot in the ceiling of the room her family was staying in, and to their horror they discovered bones and determine they belonged to Minako. The remains were examined to determine Minako died from starvation, and as everyone wondered what happened to her they were buried with her parents remains.

The morning Liz and her family was preparing to leave for home, Liz decided to stop by Minako's families room one last time to look at the diary again. She believed Minako to be at peace, until she began to realize that Minako was hiding a dark secret: she was convince her parents wanted her dead. Minako took note of how strange they were being, and they argued a lot. Then, one day Minako saw her mother put something into the rice they were going to eat and it scared her, she refused to eat. Two days later, Minako became paranoid as she realized her parents were planning a family suicide. She became very frightened and tried desperately to find help, even pleading for someone to take her place so that she could live.

As Liz stared at this entry, she realized it seemed to call out to her, demanding they swap places. She threw the book away from herself just in time to find Minako's spirit, and she realized that Minako wasn't asking her to find something- she was saying she "found" it. The rotting and grotesque spirits of her parents appear behind her.

While Liz's mother wondered where she could be, Yuuta noticed a young girl with black hair run past him and towards the door, leading to the beach. He saw nothing, as her spirit giggled happily and continued running forward.

In the epilogue, Yomi confirms that now Minako is free from her parents.




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