Mio's Friends
Gender Female/Male
Appearance The Devil's Game
Fate Alive
Mio Matsuzaki's Friends are background characters who appears in 1st Chapter of the 1st Manga. They attend class 6-8 with her and Yukari.

Bio Edit


Mio's Friends are both girls and boys. The two prominant ones include a girl with fluffy pigtails who wears girly outfits, and a boy with short light-colored hair.


They were both shown to be friendly and like the rest of their class they love playing video games. They are also shown to enjoy pranks, and were frustrated with Mio when she began to ignore them.

History Edit

Mio's friends periodically appear throughout the chapter. It was their obsession with video games that led her to feeling ignored and lonely. But after she obtained her own game and got obsessed with it to the point of avoiding them, they began to feel neglected.

At the end of the chapter it was revealed to have been them in disguise of the killer. Yukari arrived and began to tell them off for playing a cruel prank like this on Mio, but they assured her that they only did it because they didn't like being ignored, and how they were planning on offering to walk home with her afterwards. They were shocked to find her missing.




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