Mirei Shirai
Gender Female
Appearance Period 32: The Queen's Trick
Fate Alive
Mirei Shirai is a character from the 32nd Period of the series/fourth chapter of the 8th manga.

She is very popular among her male classmates and envy of Kumi Mizumoto.

Bio Edit


Mirei is a cute young girl with big, rounded eyes and feminine features. She has shoulder length hair and bangs brushed to the side, held by a thin headband that has a decoration. She wears frilly and girlish clothing.


Mirei is sweet and bubbly, with her cute and kind personality making her very popular; especially with males. She is friendly around others and shown to be concerned when it involves Kumi, despite Kumi's clear jealousy towards her. She appears humble and easily flustered.

However, after Kumi began to grow more demanding of attention, she showed her own cold and calculative side after Kumi's death. She has masterfully figured out how to use her flower to ensure it has a long life.

History Edit

After being voted the cutest girl in class, Mirei gracefully handles herself and writes it off as nothing when trying to make Kumi feel better after school ends. Kumi was impressed by how she carries herself, but this caused her resentment to build further.

As Kumi gained her flower, Mirei was shown to be aware of something being wrong and took to observing her and occasionally checking up on her. But Kumi's desire to surpass the "class idol" caused her to waste her flower and make it wilt and rot after so many days. Mirei appeared worried after Kumi screamed for help after being cornered on the roof, but due to Kumi isolating her friends, the girls weren't willing to listen and convinced Mirei to leave her alone. Initially she agreed, but out of concern she reconsidered and ran back- only to find Kumi's corpse on the ground, having fell off the roof. She remarked on how Kumi was careless and attracted the boys back to her before taking off.




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