Gender Female
Appearance Period 52: Ghost Tunnel
Fate Deceased - head bashed with rock
Misono is a character in Period 52. She's considered to be everyone's Leader for flawlessly assisting younger students to school every day. She doesn't get along with Madoka Kitano.

Bio Edit


Misono is a young, thin, and tall girl with sharp eyes and long hair worn in a thin ponytail. Her bangs are cut short and straight.


Misono is smart, brave, and leaderly. She has a capable head on her shoulders and she is well-admired by everyone for always putting effort into flawless work.

While she seems to be nice, she was shown picking on Madoka because of how annoyed she was by her. She would occasionally get into trouble with others because of a mistake Madoka made or was unable to stop, to the point that she even suggested Madoka should disappear. Despite this, she was willing to help Madoka when she convinced her to come to the tunnel to help her look for the seal.

History Edit

Throughout Madoka's day, Misono picked on her. On the way to school she purposely bumped her aside and insulted her sluggishness, then at school she dumped work on Madoka and made fun of her; expressing annoyance when she didn't even respond. Then, the next day as several students begin to go missing Misono reports some students she was supposed to walk to school are gone as well. As she notices Madoka observing her, she cruelly states that she would be a good person to disappear because of how cowardly she is; a remark that earned her disapproval from her friends, who laughed at Madoka the prior day. She explains that she is mad at Madoka because she's tired of getting blamed for her mistakes or inability to do anything.

Her continuous cruelty towards her led Madoka to convince Misono to join her at the tunnel, where she began to cry and brought up being dependent on her to locate the seal in order to save everyone else who entered. Misono was annoyed but she agreed to help, but when she began to head inside she stopped and was about to suggest they get some Adults first- only to turn around to find Madoka ready to push her inside. Misono was shocked, but refusing to back down she grabbed Madoka's arm and tried pulling her into it, leading Madoka's anger and stress to boil over. She picked up a rock and bashed Misono's head with it, and she collapsed.

Realizing she had no other choice, Madoka pulled Misono's body into the tunnel under the belief she would be safe as she had the Seal. But after a momentary startle she realizes that not only is Misono's body missing, but she dropped the seal. Before she could escape she was surrounded by several ghosts within the tunnel, one of whom was Misono.




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