Miss Andou
Rika's Mother
Gender Female
Appearance Period 3: Mary's Dining Table
Fate Alive
Miss Andou is mother of the protagonist of the 3rd Chapter of the 1st Manga.

Bio Edit


Miss Andou has long hair worn in a ponytail and feminine eyes. She normally dons a plain top and an apron with a plaid heart on it.


Miss Andou is a strict but caring mother, often trying to help Rika realize how important eating is, even if it means not enjoying the food all the time. She is likely to start a rant over how some people can't even afford food. She was proud when Rika began to get less-picky, and in this time she appeared to take up cooking as a hobby, due to her daughters lack of pickiness allowing her to try new things.

History Edit

After Rika returns home with Mary she hides the doll and prepares for dinner. Her mother lectures her over how picky she is, bringing up how some people can't afford food and she should be grateful for what she has. Rika ignores her and begins shoveling the food onto the small plate she has near Mary. After Miss Andou realized what was going on, she snapped at Rika assuming she was hiding it again, but when she wasn't able to find anything she took it as a sign that Rika actually did eat.

One day, Miss Andou stops Rika before she heads to school and brings up how proud she is of her for doing better lately. She was contacted by their Teacher, who rewarded Rika for eating everything for once; and in this time Rika began to feel guilty for deceiving so many people. She began to force herself to choke down the food she disliked, with her mother remaining blissfully unaware but content to see things improving.

After Rika's "nightmare" she awakens to find her mother cooking a meal as usual and excitedly tries to approach her. But to her surprise she can't move. She realizes she has become a doll as "Rika" steps into the room and cheerfully greets Miss Andou, who doesn't realize that "Rika" is actually Mary.



  • She's the second mother to appear in the series, but the first to be given a real role.


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