Miss Mimura
Miss Mimura
Gender Female
Appearance Period 49: Beautiful Mother and Daughter
Fate Alive
Miss Mimura is a character from Period 49, the mother of Kaede Mimura.

She is a single parent who spent a lot of time keeping the house clean and raising Kaede with care.

Bio Edit


Miss Mimura has small, gentle eyes and dark shoulder length hair framing her face. Personal care is low on her list, so at the beginning of the story she has messy hair, dirty clothing on, and her skin has become speckled and wrinkled. Over the course of the story she becomes more youthful in appearance, and near the end of it resembles a young teenager girl.


Miss Mimura is very caring and loving towards Kaede, so learning how she truly felt after all of these years caused her much grief and she felt guilty for making Kaede feel so ashamed of her.

However, in learning how to make herself beautiful, she became obsessed with keeping her youthful appearance and refused to let go of her daughter, treating her like a personal tool and good friend rather than a mother would her daughter. She acted playful and easy-going, and she had no problem flirting with Kaede's boyfriend- possibly out of spite for how bad Kaede treated her.

History Edit

Miss Mimura was doing dishes one morning when Kaede stormed off for school after chewing her out for forgetting to change clothing or even brush her hair, and realizing her daughter left something behind she went to take it to her at school, although Kaede warned her to never do this. She startled a few students while trying to locate Kaede, who angrily made sure to stay away from her class window when she located it and tried getting her attention. Her classmates began to make fun of her, and at one point someone spills juice all over her while telling her to leave; and with no other choice she sadly made her way home.

She attempted to apologize to Kaede, who was furious that people almost found out they were related, and Kaede demanded that she never leave home, and if she should she must wear a disguise and use the back door. Stressed out from earlier, she screams at her mom because of how ashamed she is, then she runs into her bedroom.

Shocked by her daughters cruelty and now knowing her true feelings, Miss Mimura headed to the computer to do some beauty research. Then the following day, when Kaede realized she had no choice but to let her friends and boyfriend see her home, she informed her mom to stay in her bedroom and told them she was sick. However, she wanted to prepare them some snacks, and when she came out to see them, Kaede was shocked to see that her mom looked "normal". Her skin had cleared up, she changed clothes, and her hair was brushed. Her friends seemed to like her and noted how kind she was.

The following day Kaede demanded answers as she noticed her mom looked even more youthful, but she never answered her. In fact, she began wearing makeup, and cuter outfits- she even took Kaede's favorite mirror to observe herself and was wearing one of her dresses. She reasoned it was fine because she bought it anyway, then she left to do more shopping. 

At some point, she met Akina when he came to pick Kaede up for school, and he informed Kaede that he didn't know she had an "older sister", causing her to rush back home to confront her mom yet again. In the process of waiting for her mom to return she discovered a jar beneath her bed, full of hair. She then overheard her mom with someone outside, and was alarmed to find her with Akina, who she took shopping with her. He was very flustered by her friendliness and offered to take her shopping again, and when she returned inside Kaede furiously demanded answers. Rather than give them, her mother teased her by reminding her of what she said days back, about being ashamed of her.

She approaches Kaede and explains her feelings, saying that she worked very hard to raise Kaede with love and care, and she was always worried because of Kaede's behavior, so realizing she was so ashamed of her all these years made her feel bad. So she found a method to make everything better; she's been cutting off Kaede's hair, which was said to contain youth nutrients. She licks one of the hair she has in her jar to show Kaede, who collapses with grief realizing her face has become very scary and old-looking. She helplessly sobs as her mother comforts her, assuring her that she will continue to stay by her side, and she runs her hand through a large amount of Kaede's hair.

Some time later, a couple of school girls notice a young, beautiful girl walking by with someone in a wheel chair. Unaware that just recently, she was an old-looking mother with a beautiful daughter who was so well-admired.




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