Gender Male
Appearance Period 8: The Matching Class
Fate Unknown
Miuchi is a character in the 8th chapter of the series and in the 5th of the 2nd manga. Miki Oosaki and several other girls in class 2-4 have a crush on him.

Bio Edit


Miuchi has slanted, big eyes and short spiked hair. He wears a standard male uniform.


Miuchi is a kind young man with an interest in manga. He took to Miki fairly quick and genuinely likes her, seeing her true self and encouraging her whenever she feels stressed out.

History Edit

Miuchi approached Miki during her second day of class when she forgot the classes monitor book. She is quickly taken by him at this moment and watches him take off, only to be approached by a girl from another school. The girls eavesdrop on them to hear the girl confess her feelings to him, saying that she fell for him the moment she saw him at cram school. However, he isn't interested and kindly turns her down.

The following day Miuchi approaches Miki, having wondered if it was her or another girl. His approval towards her new style causes the other girls to emulate her, much to Miki's confusion. He also gets to know her better, lending her a manga he enjoys reading. Later, after Miki runs away from the other girls he stops her to see if she is feeling okay and leads her to another room, where she explains what has been going on. He doesn't seem too surprised, but he brings how that he feels like her, and he wishes to remain his own person as well, encouraging her to break away from these girls. Miki agrees and decides to come clean and confess her feelings to him when the others show up, and having heard everything they apologize and appear genuinely remorseful. Miki accepts their apologies and he expresses relief for her. 

The following day Miuchi meets up with Miki at the shoe lockers and they chat before making their way to class. But they are shocked to see their classmates have completely changed their appearances, making them look like identical clones of them. He is separated from Miki as they begin surrounding them.




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