Miyu Katou
Gender Female
Appearance Period 38: Soprano of Miracle
Fate Alive
Miyu Katou is a character who appears in Period 38.

She is part of the choir group with Uta and is known for her amazing singing talent.

Bio Edit


Miyu has short mouth-length feathery hair with layered bangs brushed mostly to the side. Her eyes are slanted at the corners. Uta describes her as having looks and presence that get her noticed.


A stoic and indifferent type, Miyu appears to be focused on having fun and going out for karaoke. She is bold and clearly speaks, and initially she appeared to be looking down on Uta until she realized that she was actually trying to help her grow more confidence.

History Edit

After Uta was announced as the chosen soloist, Miyu's friend brings up how she should have gotten the role as practice ends. Miyu claims not to care though and suggests they go out on Sunday to Karaoke. Her friend agrees and they take off. Throughout the next few days, Miyu was shown observing Uta, and like the rest of the class had become surprised by her beautiful singing voice.

As she begins to grow more sure of herself, Uta overhears someone else singing and realizes it's Miyu, who is off by herself at one of the rooms corners. She stresses over the idea of Miyu gaining the soloist part- now that she's actually improved, and attempts to speak. But when she starts coughing, Miyu asks if she will be okay next week, then suggests that her body is probably tired for being used more than usual; indirectly upsetting Uta.

When Uta attempts to get rid of the grotesque lump she finds within her mouth, she overhears Miyu and her friend chatting again. MIyu's friend asks her why she spoke to Uta so bluntly earlier and Miyu claims not to have a real reason for it; she just thinks it's a shame that someone so easily shaken would get the part. Her friend agrees and calls Uta pathetic, then bursts into laughter when Miyu compares her to a baby. Before the enraged Uta can gravely harm her, Miyu suddenly points out to her friend that she isn't saying it to be mean though. She just thinks that as everyone's representative, they need someone confident or else they will lose faith in themselves.

As her friend keeps walking, Miyu suddenly notices the shocked Uta behind her and apologizes for what she said. She explains that as the chosen student Uta has to be at her best for the sake of their group. In this time, Uta realizes that Miyu has been trying to help her, and for the sake of improvement and their team, she decides she must do her best. 

Miyu is last seen during the performance exchanging a glance with Uta, then reacting with shock like the rest of the group when they see the grotesque growth now on her head.




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