Momo Sakurano
Gender Female
Appearance Period 54: True Intention Candy
Fate N/A - Possibly Deceased
Momo Sakurano is the Protagonist of Period 54. Yori is her friend, and she has a crush on Watanabe. She doesn't get along with Iwamoto.

Bio Edit


Momo has a childish, innocent look. She has big rounded eyes and short, shoulder-length hair normally worn in thin pigtails by her ears, held with scrunchies.


Momo is exciteful and childish, usually going to Yori to vent her frustrations or concerns and being unaware of the fact she wasn't giving her enough consideration. She has a typical brother-sister relationship. She has a low opinion of herself when it comes to her crush, but as she began to eat the true-intention candies she had a newfound confidence to approach him because the insight allowed her to realize he liked her.

While she seems to be kind, she couldn't resist bragging a little after she began to spend time with Watanabe, and she is shown to be hostile to Iwamoto, who also has a crush on him. She began to reconsider her behavior after Iwamoto showed kindness when she was feeling low, and she realized she never tried to get to know her before.

History Edit

One day after school Momo is convinced by Yori to try to make something for Watanabe with Valentines Day approaching. She agrees but they decide to stop by the chocolate shop on the way home, where she picked on Iwamoto and came across something known as True-Intention Candy. While neither girl believed its supposed claims of letting you see into the hearts of another, Momo thought it was cute and decided to buy it anyway. While waiting for dinner she popped one into her mouth to note it had a sweet-sour taste. She then realized it worked after hearing the thoughts of both her mother and Tsuyoshi, her younger brother.

The next day, Momo began to take advantage of her candies by eating a couple of them throughout it. Not only did she hear her various classmates thoughts, but she was able to connect with Watanabe after realizing he thought she was cute and wanted to speak to her. She happily accepted his offer to walk her home, and the next day she eagerly began to tell everyone about it when they started asking questions. But in the hopes of discouraging Iwamoto, she lied and claimed that they would probably start dating soon, and would be spending Valentines Day together. They were very impressed, but she noticed Yori was behaving weirdly. She ate another candy and was disturbed after she heard her think of how annoying she was.

The next day, Momo remained on edge as Yori invited her to pair up for volleyball in P.E. but Momo feigned illness to leave early, where she began to realize the disadvantages of the candies after she found a threatening note was left for her. She heard the thoughts of some classmates who were also feeling irked by her and ran from the room, only to bump into Watanabe, who was concerned for her until he came to the decision to ask her if she was bragging about them hanging out recently. She was distressed when he began to think poorly of her as a result, saying that he liked her but her behavior was cringy, and she acted briskly during their walk because she was so quiet. Momo grabbed his arm and yelled at him, reminding him by saying he likes her- but she realizes she slipped up as he never actually said this, and he was led off by one of his friends as she began to cry. 

As Momo comes to the conclusion that she truly can't be happy with this candy, Iwamoto comes by to lead Momo to the infirmary and hands over her school uniform so that she can get changed. Momo was very surprised by her kindness and asked her why she was being so considerate, but Iwamoto insisted it was nothing, then she headed off to let the Teachers know she would be resting. This led Momo to wonder if she might have read her wrongly, but Yori calls just then, and Momo angrily chews her out for being deceptive. Yori was forced to confess how she was truly feeling, saying that she didn't hate all of Momo, just her secretive side. She didn't tell her about Watanabe first, even though she has always been by her side and always put her first, and she's always been there to listen to her troubles. Any time something good happens to her, she never tells her. She was feeling lonely, and she couldn't understand why she was doing this to her.

Momo feels heavy remorse as she wonders if its safe to trust Yori now. She thinks about the candies again but decides to stop using them, and as she thinks about her bond with Yori she happily prepares to leave. Only to be confronted by Iwamoto a moment later, who asks her what she was doing. She asks how someone like Momo could be loved by the guy she likes, and to be loved by a really good friend. She wraps a skipping rope around her neck and while holding each side, angrily told her off for how bad she makes her feel, and how she is laughed at by everyone because of her before yanking on it.




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