Mr. & Mrs. Nakajima
Mr and Miss Nakajima
Gender Male & Female
Appearance Period 25: Friendly Apartment Complex
Fate Alive
Mr. & Mrs. Nakajima are the parents of Aki Nakajima, Protagonist of the 25th Period of the series and in the first chapter of the 7th manga. Mrs. Nakajima initially left her husband and brought Aki to the brand new Apartment Complex in hopes of helping her.

Bio Edit


Mr. Nakajima has short, light colored hair that appears slightly messy with dark colored eyes. He wears a business suit. Mrs. Nakajima is feminine in appearance with long hair and bangs framing her face and parted at the bangs.


Both parents are shown to care over Aki a lot and want whats best for her, but because they couldn't agree on what that was they were said to argue a lot- with Aki being aware that it was over her. Her mother didn't want Aki to have to deal with the pain she was given and attempted to help her escape it, while her father didn't believe that running away would solve anything.

History Edit

After moving into the apartment, Aki's mother quickly began to get to know the neighbors, and seeing how well Aki was able to adjust to their new life further allowed her to accept their kind and generous behavior.

While this was shown going on, Aki struggled when it came to talking to her father, who would call her several times to check up on her and offer to let her return home if she didn't like it there. Initially she had been brisk towards him, and as her mood began to improve she started ignoring his calls all together. But after her phone had been destroyed and seeing how her mother had been changing -scaring her in the process- she called her father with her mothers phone and begged for him to take her away. He agreed, promising that the family could talk everything over when he got there and she impatiently waited.

After he showed up, he expressed concern for Aki, wondering why she didn't like it when everyone seemed to be really nice. He spoke to her from the other side of the door and managed to convince her to open it and come out, saying he quit his job and came there to move in with them. The family was shown to reconcile and be on good terms again, with Aki eventually becoming so happy that she forgot all about her anxieties and those from outside of the apartment. They turned away from the outside world, but they were happy just being together.




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