Mr. Okamoto
Gender Male
Appearance Period 27: Make-Believe Sisters
Fate Alive/Unknown
Mr. Okamoto is the father of Mina and Haru, and husband of Mrs. Okamoto. He appears in the 27th Period of the series/third chapter of the 7th manga.

Bio Edit


Mr. Okamoto has short hair brushed on each side of his head and a split at the middle of his bangs. He wears normal businessman attire.


A kind and patient father who works hard to support the family. He loves his daughters very much and dislikes never getting to spend time with Mina since she's usually in bed before he returns home.

History Edit

Mr. Okamoto is first shown in bed sleeping with his wife and Mina on the first night of the story. The following morning he pleaded with his wife to let him spend time with "Mina" due to working so much and never getting time to bond with her, but she manages to get him to realize he needs to focus on work and he takes off.

He returned home to find his wife frazzled over what she had witnessed, explaining to him that "Haru" was threatening Mina with a knife. She can't understand what happened or why she would do it, and he attempted to calm her down before recalling what he discovered earlier about Haru and recalling how oddly she was behaving that morning. He wonders if its possible that Haru is just lonely and they head off to bed. 

The commotion later woke him up that night, and he was horrified to find Mina falling to her death from their window.




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