Nana brushing Hatsuki's hair
Gender Female
Appearance Period 22: The Land Of Mermaids
Fate Deceased - Part of the "mermaid chain"
Nana is the Protagonist from the 22nd period of the series and in the second chapter of the 6th manga. Her friend is Hatsuki.

Nana was popular in elementary school for having a thin frame, but now in middle school she is envious of her classmate Yuina Miyakawa for her developed frame.

Bio Edit


Nana has short-medium hair worn in a side-tail with a segment loose on each side of her face. She has rounded eyes and a thin, flat profile.

After her cosmetic surgery, Nana is shown with a developed body and very long, flowing curled locks of hair. Her face is slightly altered. 


Nana is extremely hard on herself despite how much care of her appearance she takes, finding it meaningless if it isn't acknowledged the way it used to be. She is envious and a bit temperamental, and her selfish desires get the better of her to the point of driving herself insane with grief and stress.

She cares about Hatsuki and is shown having a lot of knowledge about health and beauty.

History Edit

During swim class, Nana enviously listens as two girls gush over their pretty friend, leading Nana to recall when she was the most popular in elementary school due to being so thin. But now in middle school she has no body developement like Yuina, so nobody notices her anymore. It's then she hears the girls bring up a place known as the Land of the Mermaids. Some years ago, a pretty girl vanished from the school's pool and its rumored that she resurfaced even prettier, and became a model. It's said that If the mermaids acknowledge your beauty they will bring you to their underwater paradise.

The girls notice Nana listening in on them and she dives beneath the water, where she momentarily believes she has seen a mermaid. She tries getting closer but the class ends, and while preparing for her next class she wonders if she was seeing things, or if it was true. During her free time she reads a fashion magazine until Hatsuki reveals Yuina is missing. Nana believes the mermaids took her, which isn't very surprising but she still feels angry. Her mood worsens when she later discovers Yuina's friends have also gone missing, and Hatsuki tries to persuade her to give up, saying that her mom told her that the rumor isn't real- the girls who vanish only drown. Nana refuses to believe this, and blinded by her desire for achnowledgement again, she shoves Hatsuki away, causing her to fall into the water.

When she doesn't resurface Nana's scream alerts their teachers. She is scolded for being careless while other teachers suggest they go easier on her, as Hatsuki is her friend. But Nana is so consumed over the thought of Hatsuki being accepted over her, she returns home and forages a signature -along with stealing her mothers life savings- to have cosmetic surgery done on herself. Her beauty is quickly seen by others as she makes her way to school, and she gets into the water to wait for a mermaid to find her. However, she is horrified to discover the truth: the mermaids are actually a long chain of decomposing girls bodies, with the newer bodies alive and possessed, Hatsuki on the very top. Nana desperately tries to escape but she is grabbed and held in place.

Sometime later, a group of girls are shown discussing the Land of Mermaid rumor. Nana leers at them beneath the water; with only her teeth showing.



  • She's very similar to Yuri Ootake.
    • Both girls are shown to act humble, but have vain natures.
    • They both have friends who wish to be more like them.
    • They were both girls whose popularity was taken by someone else incidentally.
    • Both of them go to desperate measures in an attempt to reclaim her popularity, then lash out and physically change themselves.
    • Both have short-medium length hair.
  • She shares her first name with the protagonist from The Tale of Twins.


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