Gender Female
Appearance Period 25: Friendly Apartment Complex
Fate Alive
Oda is a woman who appears in the 25th Period of the series and in the first chapter of the 7th manga. She appears to be the leader of those who live in the Apartment Complex. Her daughter helps tutor the younger residence.

Bio Edit


Oda has a kind expression with small eyes and shoulder length curly hair with a section on each side of her face pulled behind her head. Her bangs are brushed to the left. She normally wears an outfit with aprons and home slippers or shoes.


Oda is a very friendly and generous woman who works hard to keep the residents of the apartment in a good mood. She tends to the gardens they have and often gives produce as gifts or makes food from it. Despite this, she is not shown to take kindly to outsiders or anyone who wishes to leave the apartment, reacting with hostility.

History Edit

Oda stops by the Nakajima residents as Aki and her mother begin to unpack with a gift of several produce items and she gets to know Aki a little, chatting with her and learning that she stopped attending school due to "several reasons". She volunteered to let her daughter tutor Aki, as she already helped another girl around her age and they agreed.

In this time, she was shown to kindly take to Aki and her mother, offering them food and other items, and expressing that everyone here is "one big family", rather than people who just share an apartment complex. She remarks on how lucky Aki was to get the apartment as it was recently put up for offer.

However, she shows another side of herself after a month when Aki prepares to leave to grab a notebook from the nearby Convenience store. She stops her by saying she doesn't need to since they all have supplies they would be more than happy to share, and hearing her phone start to ring again she grabs it, saying she doesn't need that either. Aki is visibly shaken as she throws it to the ground and smashes it into pieces, and after Aki runs away in fright she and the other women are shown searching for her. She recalls Oda's earlier words and begins fearing for her safety wondering what they did to the prior residence of her apartment.

After Aki decides to leave her apartment and accept this way of living, Oda is shown to have calmed down. She resumes caring for Aki and her family, and new residents of the complex.




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