Period 15: Execution Classroom
Zekkyou gakkyuu 15
Period 15
Volume 4
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Execution Classroom is the 15th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 3rd chapter in the volume 4 manga.


An is a frequently bullied girl who one day learns rumor of a magical chair in her classroom- anybody who sits in it is likely to be hit by misfortune. But it's okay if they deserved it, right?

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi shows the Readers a chair and brings up the rumor surrounding it, saying that misfortune befalls those who sit upon it. She then asks if anyone is courageous enough to try.


A group of girls bully the defenseless An in the bathroom by spraying her with toilet water. She begs for them to quit but they refuse, with their leader saying she encourages them to keep doing it because of how she reacts. It's then Miyuu -An's friend- shows up to grab the hose, and she sprays the girls until they back off and run away while threatening to report her. An tearfully apologizes to Miyuu for having needed her help again but Miyuu claims it's alright and brings her to the infirmary to get cleaned off and change clothes. As much as she wishes she could defend herself, An is very happy to have a friend like Miyuu by her side.

In class 6-1, still dampened and unhappy, An listens as her classmates badmouth their teacher, a lecherous man who harasses the girls and is very hard on the boys- he is also very strict on her, so she dislikes him. A classmate suggests they make him sit on that chair, causing everyone to advert their attention to the empty seat in the room. An grows tense as she listens to her classmates discuss the rumors surrounding this chair, which is said to have caused a popular student to suddenly become so bullied that he committed suicide by jumping off of the roof of the school. Since nobody wants to sit in the chair it has been discarded to the corner.

Being joined by Ooyano -the teacher- everyone sits down before the class representative and the boy from earlier suggest he sits down on it. Under the belief they are trying to be nice, he accepts the offer and seats himself.

Three days pass and the students find out that Ooyano was submitted to the hospital with a fever from unknown causes. While some students were startled by this, most of them are happy because he deserved it. One suggests they start using the chair to eliminate bad people and everyone agrees, with the exception of the visibly disturbed An and annoyed Miyuu, who claims they are being stupid. She believes Ooyano's illness was a mere coincidence.

After class, An happens to overhear the class representative talking with the boy from the other day and she tells Miyuu to go ahead since she has something to do first. She stands outside of the room and observes them through the door to find students forcing Yamagishi, a male from another class sit in the chair. She is shocked as they overpower his attempts to fight them off.

The following day, An feels uneasy as she discovers that he got hurt after school. On the way home he was hit and he can no longer walk. Some students express remorse for this boy, but An wonders if it was really that bad because he was a nuisance in class and everyone was miserable. With that she realizes the superstitions of the chair must be real and she prepares to leave, only to bump into Kanamoto -her bully- who appears startled and quickly apologizes before running away from her. An perks up upon realizing that unless she wants to risk ending up in the chair, Kanamoto can't touch her anymore.

After school, An and Miyuu prepare to leave until the Class Representative stops them, insisting they stay for the "trial" that is going to be held. They come into the room to find Kanamoto is being persecuted for being a bully, and they have come to the belief that she must be punished. Kanamoto desperately tries to reason her way out of it, but two classmates grab her and force her to sit on the chair.

The next day, word begins to spread that Kanamoto was hit by a car and sent to the Hospital, and she has yet to regain consciousness. An appears to be disturbed by the news and rushes to the restrooms, where she locks herself in a stall in an attempt to calm down. She takes a moment to picture Kanamoto laying in the hospital bed, then coldly states that she got what she deserved before laughing. She finds it hard not to express joy knowing that Kanamoto won't be able to bully her any longer, and as far as she's convinced she deserved it anyway. The chair curse is the best thing that could have happened to her.

Suddenly, Miyuu knocks on the door to see if An is okay as she saw her run inside. She goes on to inform An of her plans to ask a Teacher to remove a chair due to the problems as of late. People are getting hurt, and everyone has been on edge and is acting strange. An comes out of the stall and tries reasoning with Miyuu by reminding her that only bad people sit on the chair, so it's not that bad, but Miyuu claims that everyone looked happy when Kanamoto sat in the chair, which isn't right. An angrily snaps at Miyuu and says Kanamoto deserved this for being a bully, then she insists Miyuu could never understand because she isn't a victim.

Miyuu is shocked and asks An if she did something, but when An goes silent she puts her hand on her shoulder, causing An to shove her back hard enough that she hits her head on the sink behind them. An worriedly checks on Miyuu noticing the injury caused her to begin bleeding and she apologizes for what she did just then. However, her actions did not go unnoticed, when she realizes the Representative was watching them. She asks An to return to class.

An is left speechless as she stands near the chair and the Representative explains that for hurting Miyuu she must atone for her crime. Recalling the others who had been forced to sit in the chair, An helplessly watches as a few students grab her and try to force her down while the others begin to laugh at her misfortune and express glee, and it dons on her that Miyuu's concern was warranted.

Just then, Miyuu returns to stop them and claims that because she forgives An for hurting her, she shouldn't be punished now. An is shaken by this but is overcome with relief, crying and apologizing to Miyuu for what she did. Miyuu insists its fine- but it isn't. The Representative tells Miyuu that she should take her place, causing the girls confusion as the others resume their laughter once more. Miyuu attempts to make sense of what is going on as they instruct An to make her sit, and still teary-eyed, An smiles and grabs her shoulders before coldly telling her to sit. She then forces Miyuu down.

The next day, two teachers make their way to the school while discussing Miyuu reported as missing after school the day prior. Nobody has seen her or found anything of her; other than a shoe. Their concerns vanish as they think about how lately the students have been behaving very well. Not only are they a lot nicer and considerate towards them, but they have been showing more courtesy to one-another, and they keep the school clean.

In An's class, a new student with an unhappy expression is being introduced. He scowls as everyone quietly observes them, then An smiles and greets him before everyone turns their attention to the chair once more.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

As Yomi sets herself down on the chair, she mentions how the class had succumbed to its influences and warns the Reader, saying it might show up in their own class one day.




  • This is the first chapter where the credits page is completely blank, featuring an image of Yomi offering the Reader a seat.


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