Period 16: The Girl Under The Bed
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Period 16
Volume 4
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The Girl Under The Bed is the 16th chapter of the Zekkyou Gakkyuu series and 4th chapter in the volume 4 manga.


Yukina decides to play a prank on her friends when she overhears them admit that they don't like her and want her to go away. Feeling betrayed, she decides to seek revenge by playing several pranks based on the story of the Girl Beneath the Bed....

Yomi's IntroductionEdit

Yomi is sitting in a bedroom with tea, dressed in her pajamas when she brings up how sometimes you just don't feel like getting out of bed. However, she remarks that at times people likely begin to wonder what is under their bed- despite knowing, they feel that there is something else. The story for today's lesson revolves around it.


One day, Yukina joins her friends at Maria's home, where they pass time by telling each other scary stories. Yukina listens as Rina brings up the tale of The Girl Under the Bed. The spirit of a girl seeking vengeance against those who betrayed her; her boyfriend, and the friend whole stole him away. She committed suicide on her bed and since then she searches for those who hurt her by hiding beneath beds, then she kills without discrimination.

Just then, Maria is called by her mother, who suggests its time for everyone to go home. The girls take a moment to calm down and prepare to leave as Yukina teasingly claims that she almost peed herself from the surprise. As the girls share a laugh Yukina reflects on the past, back when she met her friends upon entering middle school. They quickly became inseparable, and each day they hung out together.

Yukina suddenly spots a cute unfamiliar charm hanging from Maria's phone and asks about it, learning that it came from Screaming Land this past weekend. Maria apologizes for not including Yukina and explains that she only had three tickets, so she couldn't bring everyone. While Yukina is disappointed she understands, but she asks to be invited next time. Maria agrees and steps out of the room to take Rina to the restroom when she asks to use it before leaving. Yukina notices she is the only one left in the room and she hides beneath Maria's bed to play a harmless little prank on her for not being invited.

She impatiently waits for Maria to return, and not seeing her when she does, Maria sits on her bed while calling Rina to chat with her. Yukina is about to surprise her until she hears her name being brought up; much to her confusion. It's then Maria says "Wouldn't it be bad if Yukina realized she was being rejected?", and Yukina sadly listens as they begin making fun of her by calling her lame, and how she isn't funny, nor can she read the atmosphere. In fact they only began to talk to her because they were sitting near her.

It's then Maria gets called for dinner and she ends her chat with Rina, leaving the room. Yukina silently weeps in distress and crawls out from beneath the bed, then she quietly runs out of the home, leaving Maria and her mom to curiously wonder what the noise they heard was.

The following day at school Yukina is still distraught by what she heard when everyone is told to get into groups of four. The girls approach Yukina to join her, and she bitterly thinks about how they could continue to string her along when she heard what she did. She says nothing and they begin to get to work as the weight of realizing their friendship was faked settles in, and when they ask if she okay she doesn't even acknowledge them. She tries to make herself perk up until overhearing them make plans to meet up again this weekend for some more scary stories, and this suddenly inspires her. She asks if she can join them again and initially they seemed concerned, pointing out how far away her place is from Maria's when they don't head over from school, but when Yukina claims not to mind they agree.

A few days later the girls meet up and quickly resume their scary story session. But they soon lose interest and begin chatting about a boy named Oota -from Class C- who they theorize has a crush on Maria. She appears doubtful, but the subject is dropped when Yukina cries out in horror to reveal a large wad of messy black hair from beneath the bed. The girls are alarmed when it dons on them that it's nothing like Maria's own hair, and Maria is put on edge as it doesn't belong to any of the other girls either. 

When they prepare to head home Maria leads everyone to the front door when Yukina realizes she forgot something. She asks to fetch it real quick and runs back up to Maria's bedroom, where she takes out a jar of paint.

Moments later she screams for the girls, saying she found something again. They return to find a red substance splattered on her blanket with TRAITOR written on it. Yukina says it was like this when she came in and the girls begin to worriedly discuss the story of the girl beneath the bed as she takes off, smirking with pride hearing Maria begin to suffer from a minor breakdown.

But this isn't enough to satisfy the hurt girl, even as she sees how terribly Maria feels at school. She has been reduced to a nervous wreck and her friends attempt to comfort her with little success as she brings up her lack of sleep lately from the nightmares she has been having. Yukina feels no empathy for her because she deserves it as far as she's concerned. She overhears Maria mention that her parents will be away for the evening and pleadingly asks the girls to stay the night with her, but they claim they are too busy or simply wouldn't be allowed. Yukina offers to stay with her, and Maria warmly thanks her.

That evening Yukina is brought into Maria's home, where she asks her to wait while she grabs them some drinks. While waiting, Yukina observes the cellphone charm from Screaming Land and becomes enraged once more, deciding to smash it with a hammer she brought with her.

But just then, she hears footsteps and looks up to find Maria and Rina staring at her with annoyance. Maria isn't surprised in the slightest, saying that they had been suspicious this entire time due to Yukina being the one who kept finding things. Yukina is too startled to respond as Maria begins yelling at her for being so cruel as to torment her -even asking if she's sick in the head- out of spite because she wasn't included.

They throw Yukina outside and into the mud, where they laugh at her and coldly accuse her of being a traitor- as she was never a real friend to them to begin with. As they return inside, Yukina helplessly cries until the humiliation and anguish set in.

The following day at school, Yukina dejectedly avoids the girls. She feels worse when they go out of their way to bring up that they will be heading to Harajuku on Sunday, explicitly saying that it will be great because "that annoying person wont be there".

After school Yukina rushes straight to Maria's home, where she finds her mother and explains that she came with a surprise for Maria. Her mother invites her inside -unaware of what happened- and Yukina goes up to her bedroom again to wait. She hides under her bed, deciding that she must make Maria pay for the pain she caused her, physically or not, she will pay.

However, a few hours pass and Yukina is still waiting. It's then she hears the door open and someone steps inside, but it's not Maria. As she snaps out of her sleep-induced daze, Yukina observes the fact that this person has dark toe nails. She realizes it can't be Maria's mother either, as the figure walks over to the bed and pauses. She begins to panic as they perch themselves onto the bed, and they drape their long, black tangled hair over the edge.

Maria arrives home and greets her mother, and in this instance Yukina realizes the strange figure has vanished. She feverishly crawls out from under the bed and sees she is alone in the room. Unwilling to stay there any longer she thrusts open Maria's door and runs out of her home, past the shocked Maria. She attempts to stay something to Yukina and wonders why she is there, but she isn't given an answer. 

Yukina runs straight for home and takes shelter within her bedroom. Still worked up she wonders if she was hallucinating what she saw moments earlier, but after a few minutes Yukina convinces herself that she must have been, and she considers going to bed to get some rest.

It's then she hears something creaking from beneath the bed, but she tries to reason its only because she is on the bed. But when the sound worsens, she forces herself to gather courage and look under the bed; as suspected she finds nothing there. She sits back up and hears her mother call her for dinner. Yukina places her stuffed rabbit down and prepares to leave the room, but a new sound alerts her to her discarded plush, which has been torn to shreds. Yukina reacts in horror when she sees it was done by the knife the Girl Under the Bed is wielding. Her ghastly spirit announces that she has just found the Traitor.

Yomi's EpilogueEdit

Yomi observes the torn apart toy and remarks that the ghost has finally found a traitor. She then asks the readers if the area under their bed is alright so that they can sleep peacefully, and she turns off her light.




  • Yomi makes a cameo on a magazine cover on the first page.


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